Getting Whole on a Subject

Frontcoverbook1web_3 It's how you create the most satisfying manifestations.

It's how you feel the best you can feel in your moment.

It's how your train yourself into clarity and alignment.

I'm talking about getting whole on a subject.

This has become one of my favorite phrases and if you've come to any YOFA workshops, you've probably heard it many times. 

When you get whole on a subject you enlist the power of your whole being.  That's the power that moves mountains.

Wholeness is the subject of my chapter in the new book 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life.  In this chapter you'll learn how to do the process.  You can use this process everyday like I do, or you can keep it in your emotional emergency kit for those moments of overwhelm and upset.  It works either way.

Of course I recommend using it as an ongoing tool for discovering yourself and fine-tuning your inner alignment.  It's more fun that way.  But in a crunch, it can help you out of a tight emotional spot.

How does it work? 

How does it actually change your life?

I'll give you the secret right here. 

  • It helps you find your heart's true desire on any subject. 
  • Then it helps you train yourself into alignment with that truth on that subject. 
  • Then, as you know if you have been studying Law of Attraction, once you become such an utter and complete match to that which you desire, it must come to you.  (Check out the official Abraham-Hicks website at for everything you could possibly want to know about Law of Attraction)

As with all YOFA systems, it is almost so simple that you may want to pass it by.  I hope you'll take it with the deep intention with which it is given.  The more purely you do this process the more purely the fulfillment of your heart's desire manifests all around you.

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Whether or not you decide to buy the book, I'd like to invite you to attend the free workshop.  You can participate from anywhere on the globe. It will take place live on the phone on July 19th 2006 at 8:30 PM Eastern Time.

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I invite you to do both, get the book and show up at the workshop.

Hope to hear your voice on July 19th.

Love and Blessings,


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