Wholeness and Relationships

Frontcoverbook1web_1 Dear Friend,

Have you gotten the book yet?

If so, turn to page 321.

The wholeness process offered in the book 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life is particularly useful in relationships.

So often, when we experience conflict, disappointment, or betrayal in a relationship, we jump immediately to blame.

We may even attack the other verbally or physically, or if we have the power, militarily.

The YOFA Wholeness process offers a completely different option. In the moment of sitting to do this process, we take complete responsibility for our world.

We acknowledge the vibrational framework to which our reality adheres. We understand that we create our own reality.  And with that comes relief and empowerment.

In this Wholeness process we change our magnetism. Once that is accomplished, our relationships must change. It cannot be any other way.

The next time you sit to do this process, I invite you to feel the relief it offers when you unleash its healing power on the subject of a troubled relationship.

When you get whole on the subject of your relationship with that person, amazing shifts occur.  First they occur in you.  Next, they start manifesting in your actual relationship.

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