Meditation and Sandwiches

Infoc2_1 You know how you can put just about anything between two pieces of bread and we call it a sandwich? 

If you go into a restaurant and just order a sandwich, who knows what you might get?

Meditation is like that, too. 

Do anything with just a little added awareness and we'll call it meditation.  The term is so broad that buying a meditation book or going to a meditation class or deciding you are going to start meditating is like deciding you are going to eat a sandwich.  You still have no idea just what experience you are about to taste.

You can span the range from elaborate guided imagery to Zen sitting practice and one thing will remain constant.  It's like the bread.  That one thing is you; it is the state you bring to your sandwich, I mean meditation. 

How you come to your meditation, be it tai chi or Kundalini, piano or baseball, influences your experience of that meditation.  That's why Rooted in the Infinite offers a complete system of preparation for meditation.  The exercises in the Practice Section, pages 219 to 268, carry you into a meditative state of awareness with ease.  From there, you can move into any other activity, whether you call it meditation or not, with greater clarity. 

If you like sandwiches, try this book.
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Private Teleclass for You

How to Get the Most out of
Rooted in the Infinite

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Invitation to Private Teleclass

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Here is what we'll cover in this class:

Getting clear about your purpose in working with this book

In order to get the most out of this book, it will help to know what your current intention and purpose is. In this workshop we will explore 3 areas of intention:

  • Spiritual
  • Healing
  • Joyful Manifestation

Making sure your participation with the book supports that purpose

Once you have a sense of your heart's desire, we will look together at how this book and system can best support you on that journey.

Working on your own

What are the best routines to set up for yourself so that you get where you want to go? We will look at how to set up a personalized program for yourself.


Working with a group

Rooted in the Infinite lends itself very well to group study. If you and your friends want to form a study group, this class will give you some ideas and structure for local live study groups as well as long distance ones. (Funny how some of your best friends live so far away, right?)


How to set up a group

Some folks love the support and community of a group but don't have enough like-minded friends to make it happen.  We'll brainstorm together about how to get one going in your area.

How to find a group

Don't have the time to start your own group?  We'll talk about how others can post their group so you can find them.


Getting help
from me

This is a  chance for you to tell me how I can help you best.  My purpose is for you to be the most radiant, happy, fulfilled being you can and want to be. 
My intention is to see you be your magnificent self.

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How Inner Alignment Helps You Heal

Infoc2 Inner Alignment helps you heal the same way soap helps you clean.  It doesn't add anything (assuming you rinse well).  It takes stuff away. 

The healing branch of the YOFA system helps you clean up your vibration.  It rinses away your inner conflicts. Without dealing with the story or the content of your woes, it simply irons out the wrinkles they have caused in your energetic field.

The process is one of becoming whole. 

It is based on harmony. 

When the physical body resonates with your harmonious tone, you have greater access to the energy that heals.

You can explore this complete system, both its metaphysical basis and its practical application, in the new book Rooted in the Infinite: The Yoga of Alignment

It is my intention that anyone can learn this system from the book. 

Advanced meditators as well as those who have never even considered meditating before can sit side by side with this system.  You simply begin where you are.

Healing is an intensely personal journey.  This book helps you participate in your own healing from within.  It is compatible with all other forms of healing.  It gives you specific tools to amplify one part you can play in expanding your own sense of well being.

As you wash away your conflicting vibrations, you become whole.

As you become whole, you become vibrant, creative, and joyful.

You can read the introduction and first chapter of the book as an instant free download.

If you have friends who are focused on healing, please send them this link.

I'll tell you more about the other two branches of the system in my next posts.

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A Different Kind of Yoga


"The Yoga of Alignment" is a phrase that came to me years ago in meditation.  Ever since then, that's what I have been calling my work.  I also use its nickname YOFA (Y of A) 

And yet, if you come to a YOFA workshop, it looks nothing like a yoga class.  And if you buy my new book with this same subtitle, I must warn you, it reads nothing like a yoga book. 

So, before you go and buy the book, let me tell you what it is not:

It is not a book on hatha yoga.  There are no physical postures except for sitting to meditate.

Ok, now that that's out of the way, what is this book about?

  • It's about the step before meditation.
  • It's about harmonizing your spiritual awareness with your human instrument (with all its desires and ego concerns).
  • It's about creating your reality in concert with your heart's desire.
  • It's about developing your mystical nature.
  • It's about inner gardening.
  • It's about translating teachings that sound contradictory into one inclusive language.
  • It's about empowerment.
  • It's about inspiration.
  • It's about being truly yourself.

I'd like to invite you to read the introduction and first chapter so that you get a sense of what this is all about.  Then, if it interests you, I'd be honored if you buy and read the book. 

To get a free download of the beginning of the book, Rooted in the Infinite: The Yoga of Alignment, please click here:

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Do You Meditate Before you Meditate?

Rootedwebsmall_1 Seems strange, I know. 

And yet my new book, Rooted in the Infinite: The Yoga of Alignment is all about that. 

It teaches you a comprehensive system of inner alignment (you could call this a system of meditation) to use before you meditate

You can also use it before you go for an audition or before your next tennis match.   

  • It augments your talents
  • tunes you in to the greatest part of yourself
  • and opens you to insight and wisdom. 

And if you find you're having trouble settling down to meditate, here's a quick excerpt from the introduction that addresses this very common difficulty on the spiritual path:

This system is compatible with other forms of meditation and
provides a friendly form of preparation for many other types of inner work. By aligning your consciousness and bringing yourself to a state of inner harmony before focusing on your breath, mantra, movement, etc., you will find more awareness, more flow, and less resistance in the process.
The Yoga of Alignment exercises can function as an adapter between the active mental state of your day and the mind-quieting process of meditation. It can blend your states
so that you move more smoothly to and from your regular form of meditation. Many people avoid meditating because shifting from the fast pace of daily activities to the stillness and quiet of the cushion is too abrupt and jarring.
These exercises help you down-shift gently so you glide into heightened awareness in meditation, rather than crashing into your thoughts at high speed.

I'm very happy to say the book is almost ready.  And even before the book is set to ship, Id like to send you a  PDF file of the full introduction and the first chapter as a free download.  This way you can see if this material interests you.  If so, you'll be able to buy the paperback on the website .

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