Meditation and Sandwiches

Infoc2_1 You know how you can put just about anything between two pieces of bread and we call it a sandwich? 

If you go into a restaurant and just order a sandwich, who knows what you might get?

Meditation is like that, too. 

Do anything with just a little added awareness and we'll call it meditation.  The term is so broad that buying a meditation book or going to a meditation class or deciding you are going to start meditating is like deciding you are going to eat a sandwich.  You still have no idea just what experience you are about to taste.

You can span the range from elaborate guided imagery to Zen sitting practice and one thing will remain constant.  It's like the bread.  That one thing is you; it is the state you bring to your sandwich, I mean meditation. 

How you come to your meditation, be it tai chi or Kundalini, piano or baseball, influences your experience of that meditation.  That's why Rooted in the Infinite offers a complete system of preparation for meditation.  The exercises in the Practice Section, pages 219 to 268, carry you into a meditative state of awareness with ease.  From there, you can move into any other activity, whether you call it meditation or not, with greater clarity. 

If you like sandwiches, try this book.
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