When You Buy the Book by October 18th…

Phone The Rooted in the Infinite special bonus teleclass is coming up Wednesday, October 18th at 8:30 PM, NY time.  This class is open to all those who buy the book before the class.

In this teleclass we will look at how you can get the most out of this book.  I will answer questions on the call.

Rooted in the Infinite can be approached from many angles.  You can benefit in various ways when you  approach it from each of these angles.

  • It is a detailed exploration into the creative power and hidden gifts of the root chakra.
  • ==> This helps you create the life your heart desires.
  • It is also a system of preparation for meditation.
  • ==> This helps you begin and maintain a regular meditation practice.
  • It offers a glance into the journey the now takes through the human body and provides a system for staying awake to the present.
  • ==> This helps you access your inner knowing and mystical nature.
  • It also provides a metaphysical approach to daily life.
  • ==> This helps you find meaning and deep satisfaction in all your daily activities.
  • It is a manual for living your life from a place of unconditional love and compassion (for yourself and others).
  • ==> This helps you harmonize your relationships with others, with yourself, and with your Source.
  • It can be read alone like any other book or it can be used as a study text for group exploration.
  • ==> This helps you build a community of like-minded others with whom to share your journey and exploration.

You will receive the call-in details when you complete the purchase of the book

You can purchase the book right now on the website here: http://www.rootedintheinfinite.com

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"See" you on the call…

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Touching the Mirror

Icecream  Here's what we usually do. 

We hold an ice cream cone in our left hand in front of a mirror.  We see the ice cream cone and reach toward the mirror with our right hand.  We press and push on the mirror, trying to get the yummy treat.

We find we cannot extract ice cream from the mirror.

We get angry and depressed.

The Turning Point

At the moment that we realize that the thing we want does not live in the mirror, we wake up to our true power.   

We realize that what we are reaching for is in our other hand.  We are already in possession of the thing we seek.

That is the moment of transformation.

The way to access the ice cream cone is by looking within. 

Once you realize that the outer world offers only a reflection of your potential, you become empowered. Once you are empowered to find your true talent, value, and magnificence, life becomes a very satisfying journey.

The book Rooted in the Infinite outlines specific instructions for aligning yourself from within so that you can eat your ice cream cone.

You can download the introduction and first chapter here: