A New YOFA jhe Experiment Begins

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You folks knocked my socks off.

The results that people reported during the week-long YOFA jhe Experiment in November were nothing short of extraordinary. 

So, just to make sure that this was not a fluke, I'm doing it again.

This time we'll go for a month.  The whole month of January.

I'll be offering sessions a few times a week.  Who knows, maybe more maybe less.  (I'll be following my flow rather than a schedule – That's the way this sort of thing works best for me.)

Once again, I am not charging for this service.  It is completely free.

All you have to do is watch for results:

· Improvement in your condition
· Happiness
· Lightness
· Ease
· What others would call "healing"
(We call it "joyful harmonious expressiveness" or "jhe.")

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That's also where you'll get all the details.

Then you can come back and post your results here.  So bookmark this page so you can easily come back and let us all know that these jhe sessions really work!

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you something important. 

Now, this is the strange part. 

There is one requirement.  And that is that you do not write about your problems.  I know this is the opposite of what you are used to with those who usually help you heal.  You're in the habit of telling that person your problem so they can help you get rid of it.

This is a completely different approach. The less I know about your problems, the more effective I am in these sessions.

When you post to the blog, you can talk generally about symptoms you used to have that are now gone, but please keep this blog free from the vibrations of named medical conditions. Thank you for honoring this.  Anyone telling me the specifics of their problem will be removed from the list.  Sorry.  At my current level of ability, this is important to the success of the experiment.

You can do it, too.

To get in sync with what I'm doing in these sessions, get a copy of Rooted in the Infinite: The Yoga of Alignment.  You can begin doing the exercises in the Practice Section of the book and build a greater resonance with my jhe Sessions.

So, if you want to begin the New Year with a joyful harmonious tone, sign up for the new YOFA jhe Sessions and feel free to tell everyone you know abut this while it is still free.  The more people who participate, the more we'll find out about the effectiveness of this method.  You can tell your friends by clicking HERE.

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Thank you!

With love and appreciation,


PS – Want to see the results some people got the last time we did this?  Click HERE

YOFA Holiday Gift for you December 22, 2006

Gift04clipart80 I have a gift for you.

It's an unusual one. 

It is a gift that you pass along, backward in time.

Let me explain.

  • You wouldn't buy a scarf and gloves for your great great great great great great grandmother for Christmas.  Would you?  Of course not.
  • Your great great great great great great grandfather does not need a sweater for Chanukah.  Does he?  Of course he doesn't.

The quickest way to tune into the true spiritual tone of this holiday season is to offer a gift to those who have no physical needs.

I am talking about your ancestors.

They may no longer walk this earth in physical form, but they live on in you and in me in ways that subtly make us who we are.
And what your ancestors could really use this holiday season is
honor and love.

So let's give it to them.


On December 22, I will be leading a YOFA Workshop by Phone for the purpose of honoring your ancestors:

  • as your gift to them
  • and to your family line
  • and to your children and their children.

Here are the Details:

YOFA Workshop by Phone:

Honor Your Ancestors

Heal Your HeartGlobe_1

Friday, December 22, 2006

8:30 PM Eastern Time

No Charge

Register here:


The phone line is limited to 249 participants.

If your heart lit up at the thought of doing this, please sign up now.

With Love and Appreciation,


To begin an inner alignment practice for spiritual awareness, Healing, and joyful manifestation, work with the exercises in the Practice Section of my new book "Rooted in the Infinite."   

You can get an instant F ree download of the beginning of
The book at

How to Start a "Rooted in the Infinite" Study Group

Infoc2_5  This message is especially for those who have bought the book "Rootd in the Infinite"and want to go through it in a systematic and thorough way.

It's also for the wonderful participants of the YOFA jhe Experiment.  Some of you got truly outrageous results.   So, first of all, let me acknowledge you for receiving in such a profound way.  (You can see the results here:  http://www.yofa.net/jhe/results.htm )

Many of you who felt so deeply shifted from the jhe sessions have written to me asking how you can continue this on your own.  This post is for you.  Having a study group will help you do it.   

So before we look at how to start a group, let's see if working with the book is something you would want to do.

Why would you want to study "Rooted in the Infinite"?

  • To begin or deepen your meditation practice
  • To cultivate inner peace, wisdom, and unconditional love.
  • To bring greater authenticity to your relationships.
  • To align with prosperity.
  • To have greater awareness of now
  • For joyful harmonious expressiveness (jhe).

Why would you start a "Rooted" Study Group?

1 – Conversation

When you say things out loud, and hear them from others, and exchange about them, they become networked into your awareness more easily.  Law of Attraction brings you more insights, associations, and expansion.

2 – Community

It soothes the soul to exchange energy with others who are vibrating in harmony with your chosen direction.

3 – Consistency

With so many divergent forces tugging at your attention, setting a time with others makes you more accountable to the intention you have set.  The consistency that results deepens the process and multiplies its benefits.

Who to invite?

People you enjoy spending time with. 

Where to find them?

  • Old friends you've been out of touch with for years
  • Your siblings
  • Your adult children
  • Your co-workers
  • Your spiritual center
  • Your health food store
  • The place where you take classes in what you love to do (dancing, painting, yoga, knitting, martial arts, drumming, tennis, skiing, etc.)

How to structure it? 

Think of it like making "Root" Soup.

1st Part — Social – (Assemble the Ingredients)

  • Get to know each other where you now are in your lives.  Share.  Be sure to include the YOFA listening practice from the moment the group begins.   See page xxv of the Introduction.  The listening practice is based on the two agreements described there.  You can download the Introduction here: http://RootedintheInfinite.com

2nd Part — Conversation – (Stir)

  • Choose one chapter per meeting and discuss it.  Read it before the meeting.  Don't focus so much on what I say n the book, but what it awakens in you.

3rd Part — Practice – (Add Heat)

  • Bring your cushions and maybe a timer. Do the exercises. Either take turns reading or have someone record them so you can all do them together.  I'll have recordings in my voice for you eventually.

4th Part — Enjoy – (Feel Fed, Nourished, and Satisfied by your Soup)

  • Share your experience.  Look at each other after practice.  See the alignment coming into view in the face, posture, smile, and heart of each group member.  If you are on the phone, hear it in the voice.  If you are online, feel it in the presence of the other.  Acknowledge each other's beauty.  Say what you love about each other.

These are just ideas.  Feel free to send me yours.  Tell me what your group has done that is working for you and I'll post it on the website for others.  (You can post your ideas here on the blog.)

How to get free shipping in December

For 2 weeks, from December 1 – 14, if you buy 5 books, I'll pay the shipping

The idea is for you to give these books to everyone you love as a holiday gift. 

And why not use the opportunity to start your group?

You can get together physically, on the phone, or online.  Technology makes it so easy.

To get free shipping, you must buy 5 books from this link:


You can still get the intro and first chapter as a free download at http://RootedintheInfinite.com

Love and Blessings,



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