YOFA jhe Session 4-4-2007

Xaxisabovebelowsm I did a jhe session for everyone on the jhe list today.

You can sign up for jhe sessions at http://AlignmentforHealing.com

Today’s session had a strong Z-axis component. (Check out my
book Rooted in the Infinite at http://RootedintheInfinite.com
for a full explanation of the meaning of each of the 3 axes.)

I expect you will feel the influence of today’s session most

==>> in the power of your relationships

==>> and in the clarity of your vision.

There are so many levels of meaning that float around within all your relationships.  Today’s session brings forward the deep, deep connection you feel with others. 

Look for this especially in your most intimate relationships –
but don’t rule out even the most fleeting of interactions.  You
may even find your heart opening in unusual ways to your bus
driver or telephone operator.

Clear Vision
You also may experience a clarity of vision that has to do with
your heightened inner alignment. You are seeing things more
clearly.  More truly.  It gives the space around you a
heightened sense of 3-dimensionality.

These jhe sessions always offer you greater alignment with the 3 dimensions of our outer world and our inner consciousness.  The most obvious result of that alignment, for most people, is a
sense of:

==>>  lightness

==>> upliftment

==>> and ease

It is my heartfelt desire that these sessions do all this and
more for you.


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Thanks for your participation.

Love and Blessings,

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