Today's YOFA jhe Sessions 4-15-2007

Xaxisabovebelowsmwork I did two YOFA jhe Sessions for everyone on the jhe list today.

Yes, I know that's unusual.

I did the first one in the afternoon.  By evening I found myself back at the list ready to do another.

Today's first session focused on cultivating a smooth flow of  energy along the Y-axis with an emphasis on the area of the 3rd chakra.

The Y-axis is the vertical axis that moves through your upright spine.  The 3rd chakra is the energy center at the level of your belly button.

==>> As a result of today's session, I would expect you to feel more upright in your posture. 

==>> You also might find yourself having a little more stamina than usual because of the tuning and toning of your 3rd chakra.

==>> Also, if you are dealing with a problem in your body, today's session should mobilize the energy in your body in a way that powerfully supports what the world calls "healing."  We are calling it "jhe."

In a nutshell, expect to feel better if you were feeling bad.

Expect more energy if you were feeling good.


The second sessions had more of a Z-axis focus.  (For a full explanation of the meaning of the Z-axis, please read the book Rooted in the Infinite)

The most likely result you might experience from this session is:

==>> a breaking of patterns of self-sabotage

==>> a dissolving of habit-driven obstacles.

As you know, YOFA jhe Sessions are based on the YOFA system of inner alignment that I describe in the book Rooted in the Infinite.  You can learn the basics of this system and begin practicing on your own.  It is all revealed in the book.

You can get the book at

This system is not explained anywhere else.


YOFA jhe Sessions are open to all who want to participate.  You can sign up for free or fee at

Thanks for your participation.

Love and Blessings,

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