Today's YOFA jhe Session 4-18-2007

Circle  I did a YOFA jhe session for you today.

Today's session was one of the most intense yet.

It had the quality of a micro adjustment and the combination of the precision and the powerful energy presence almost had me in tears at several points in the session.


==>> As a result of today's session, I would expect you to feel your chest expanded and open. 

==>> You also might find yourself having a heightened sensory awareness coupled with a sense of peace.  As if you are percieving everything with more space around it.

==>> Also, if you are dealing with a problem in your body, today's session allows the movement of energy in your body to reach areas that have been deprived of the flow.

As you know, YOFA jhe Sessions are based on the YOFA system of inner alignment that I describe in the book "Rooted in the Infinite."  You can learn the basics of this system and begin practicing on your own.  It is all revealed in the book.

You can get the book at

This system is not explained anywhere else.

Love and Blessings,

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