Bonus High Intensity jhe Session Today

Xaxisabovebelowsm I did a high intensity bonus jhe session today for the YOFA jhe Sessions Inner Circle.

This session was an affirmation of your freedom to be a brilliant expression of who you uniquely are.

This was a Y-axis session and it was strong and "thick." (For more about the Y-axis, please refer to chapters 8 and 15 of Rooted in the Infinite   )

Like the trunk of a well-established tree, with rings within rings within rings, the Y-axis (vertical) became broadened, strengthened and vibrant in this session.

As a result of this session you might look better, especially in colors, reflecting their richness in your vibration. You may have more strength and authority in your voice. If you sing, this would be the night to sing the national anthem at the ball game!

All of that is evidence of strong, rich life force running through you.

And while that was accomplished, the intention of this session was more specific than that.

The intention was for your freedom.

Your knowing of your freedom.

Freedom to be you.

That means you being in touch with your magnificent essence

— and feeling inspired to express

— and feeling free to express.

Thank you.

Love and Blessings,
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