Today's YOFA jhe Session 11-07-2007

Xaxisabovebelowsm I did a YOFA jhe Session for the jhe list today.

There is an old expression about "massaging one's ego."

It is basically a derogatory thing.

It means to amplify and encourage the self-aggrandizing nature and separate-and-better identity of the individual.

So, just to be clear…that is not what I'm talking about here.

With that said…

Let's say that today's session was something like an ego massage.

Let me explain.

(For more background, please refer to chapter 12 of Rooted in the Infinite )

The ego resides in the 3rd chakra.

In its misaligned state, it causes us all kinds of very familiar problems. (I don't think I need to name them here, do I?)

But what happens when the individual perspective of the ego is in balance and harmony with the rest of the being?

It becomes a magnificent instrument of creativity. It becomes a benefit to all who cross its path.

We might choose not to call it ego at that point, but I am using the word ego as synonymous with the individual human perspective.

Today's jhe session focused on the 3rd chakra and it was a form of ego massage.

The effects of such a treatment are that your ego becomes:

  • more responsive
  • more resilient
  • more relaxed
  • more open
  • more accepting of others
  • more related to your inner being
  • more harmonious with your soul's intentions
  • more in touch with inspiration
  • more helpful to others
  • more fun

Are you getting the idea?

This might not be a way you are used to using this word and you don't have to adopt it. I just want you to understand that this 3rd chakra session was focused in this way to turn your ego from troublemaker to something everyone appreciates about you.

As a result of this session I expect you to have more energy. Your voice may have new strength. Your digestion and metabolism may improve if you have problems in those areas.

You may feel a bit fearless-both in terms of feeling courageous in the face of challenges and feeling stable in your self -esteem, for example you are not afraid of being embarrassed or humiliated.

This would be a good time to go for a job interview or theatrical audition. It's a good time to give a campaign speech or to have a heart to heart talk with someone you need to have a heart to heart talk with. By receiving this session, you're well balanced and your ego will not get in the way of your communication.

This balancing is also beneficial for any and all physical ailments.

Thank you for your participation in the YOFA jhe Sessions.

With Love and Appreciation,
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