Today's YOFA jhe Session 12-12-2007

Xaxisabovebelowsm I did a YOFA jhe Session for the list today.

Today's session focused on Divine Breath and Divine Substance.

Every breath you breathe is made of the Breath of God.

All food you eat is made of Divine Substance.

As you bring these into the Divine Substance of your body, you nourish your expression as Divine Substance and Divine Breath.

Today's session supports your glow. Your breath and your body become more like their nature as Divine Light.

As a result of this session, I expect you to feel more at home in your body and your world. If you have anything that is called "autoimmune" or "allergy" or "addiction" or "compulsion" or any other name that implies that you are in some way acting against yourself, this session should help harmonize that issue as your system comes into its unified truth as Divine Substance and Divine Breath.

Thank you for your participation in YOFA jhe Sessions.

Please tell others.

Thank you.

With Love and Appreciation,
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