Today's Hgh Intensity Bonus YOFA jhe Session for the Inner Circle

Xaxisabovebelowsm I did a high intensity bonus YOFA jhe session today for the blessed members of the Inner Circle.

Today's session focused on the fire of the 3rd chakra.

I expect this session to improve your physical well being, raise your energy level, fuel your stamina, and move you toward the healing of any ailments you may be experiencing.

This session is also intended to balance and make useful the energy of your ego state of awareness. (This is a good time to review the first half of chapter 12 of Rooted in the Infinite.)

This tuning of the ego moves you toward what the world might call "egolessness" but I see it a little differently. I would say it tunes your instrument so that the uniqueness of your incarnation shines more purely. Your ego actually becomes a beneficial source of power for your spiritual journey.

Due to its intensity and its focus, today's session may bring a little more emotion to the surface. Please remember that your emotions are your guidance system and use these emotions to instruct you.

If you find an accentuation of positive emotion (Overflowing sense of love, low threshold for happy tears, etc) consider that an indication that you are flowing with the stream of life.

Anything less than that is also valuable information and a good indicator suggesting that you simply find something to appreciate. If you have not yet listened to the "Uncommon Gratitude" recording, now is an excellent time to do that.   (It's free)

The Inner Circle is extremely dear to me and the strength of my appreciation for you came though today in this high intensity session. I hope you feel it.

Love and Blessings,

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