Today's YOFA jhe Session 3-18-2008

I did a YOFA jhe
for the list today.

Today’s session was an alignment for prosperity.

As a result of today’s session you may find a change in the
way you think about money and the way money thinks about you.

There are many seminars you can take and books you can study
that will teach you the ins and outs of financial success but that is very
different from what we are focused on here.

Whether you have one dollar or one million dollars in your
pocket (please translate to your currency my international friends) does not
matter. We are engaged in a spiritual
“healing” process and since money is part of the human experience, we want
there to be lots of jhe jingling around in our purses. Without jhe, the money is basically useless.

So what does an alignment session for prosperity really
do? It cultivates your alignment with
the most joyful and harmonious relationship you can have with the aspect of
life that involves money, finances, material abundance, and wealth.

I hope you’ll join me on Monday when I teach the 3
Principles of Barefoot Prosperity. You
can sign up here: It will make this all much clearer.

As a result of today’s session I expect you to feel a sense
of optimism on the subject of money. You
may have some instant manifestations of unexpected money flying into your experience. If this does happen (it may and it may not)
take it as an indication that you have released some resistance and some of
what is waiting for you was able to get to you.

Prosperity is a complex subject and the inner alignment
session simplifies it. It resolves it
to jhe. The reason anyone wants money
is because they want jhe. And in a
circular fashion, the more jhe you have, the more you attract money.

Abundance is a spiritual principle and by paying attention
to the abundance of the universe, more and more of it finds its way to you.

Thank you for your participation in this jhe session.

Love and Blessings,



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