Today's YOFA jhe Session 4-15-2008

I did a YOFA jhe
for the list today.

This session evolved in an interesting and unexpected way.

Did you have a dream when you were a child? A very strong desire that was at the core of
your small body? A passion that was as
huge as your spirit but that you could not make real because you were so young?

Did you dampen or abandon that dream completely as you
became a practical and responsible adult?

Well, if the answer to those two questions is yes, then you
might be in for a surprise. 

I expect a resurgence of that dream in you in a way that
might have a very new face.

Your dream comes through your adult persona in a new way but
once you see it you will know it.

I know I’m being vague but since you are so unique, that is
the only way I can talk about this.

Simply watch for the following:

  1. You may unexpectedly find an old toy or a trinket from
    your childhood.
  2. You may hear a song that reminds you of yourself at a
    different time in your life when you felt empowered.
  3. You may suddenly have the desire to exercise your body
    or take on some other activity that assumes physical strength.

These are signs of what is going on under the surface. It
has to do with reconnecting with a very essential part of your heart’s
desire. This is a wonderful
manifestation of alignment and it produces a colorful explosion of jhe. 

Thank you for your participation in the YOFA jhe Sessions.

With Love and Appreciation,


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