Today's YOFA jhe Session 4-19-2008

I did a YOFA jhe
for the list today (including the free list).

As a result of today’s session I expect you to feel less
obstructed by your own mind.

That means that you will pay less attention to your habitual
patterns of thought and feel naturally more inclined to move with inspiration.

The first step may be that you simply notice the “bossiness”
of your busy mind and ignore it.

You may actually become more aware of the mental patterns
that cause you to act in ways that are not in harmony with your heart’s
desire. As you become more aware of
these patterns you can actually become free from them. You can make a different choice.

As a result of this session you may have greater access to
your delight in life. You may find
yourself more aware of the birds chirping and the ground beneath your
feet. Simple things that make all the
difference. And as your awareness in
your now becomes heightened, you also begin manifesting more satisfying future

This type of inner alignment session makes a space for life
force to breathe through your spine. It
is a Y-axis session and it is at the core of all the good you seek. For more about the Y-axis and its meaning,
please read chapter 8 of Rooted
in the Infinite

Thank you for participating in the jhe sessions.

With Love and Appreciation,



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