Today's YOFA jhe Session 5-2-2008

I did a YOFA jhe
for the jhe list (including the free list) today.



These are the words that occur to me in my desire to
communicate to you the result I expect you to experience as a result of this

Today’s was a powerful alignment. I expect you to feel this one on all 3 axes. (For a full
explanation of the metaphysical counterparts of the 3 axes of the 3 dimensional
world, please refer to Rooted in the

The most obvious and immediate effects of this session will
probably be these:

1 – Smoother, more graceful physical movements. Greater command of your muscles.

2 – Heightened awareness and appreciation of the natural
world around you – birds singing, sunlight and shadow, the feeling of the air
temperature, breeze, humidity, etc.

3 – You become less reactive and more reflective.

The next set of effects, quick on the heels of those, are
more far reaching.

They are based in this:

You have an increased ability to be joyful right at the
center of whatever challenge you may be experiencing.

  • That means that if you are ill, no matter how bad you may
    feel, you can find a space right in the center of it all where your joyful self
    still frolics.
  • If you are experiencing challenges in your relationships or
    your finances, the effects of this session will most likely feel like
    freedom. I mean freedom to be joyful
    regardless of circumstances.

By shedding the old skin of your problems, a new joyful,
beautiful, expressive you springs right from the center of your current
situation. This aspect reminds me of a
flower opening. Your new life opens
like a flower.

Please watch for feelings of unreasonable happiness,
involuntary smiles, spontaneous dancing or singing. These little eruptions of joyful expression are the indicators
that the alignment is clicking into place.

Thank you for participating in the jhe sessions.

With Love and Appreciation,


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