Thank You phenomeNEWS!


Louise Hay has called phenomeNEWS, "the best of the New Age newspapers in the whole country!"  (Snowball finds it to be an excellent pillow.)

I think it was December of 2000 when my first article was published in phenomeNEWS.  I had picked up the paper at an Abraham-Hicks gathering a few months before.  It first grabbed my attention because there was an Abraham article (or excerpt) in there and as soon as I saw Jerry and Esther's smiling faces on the page, I new I wanted to look further.

I was immediately lit up by this publication and I sent in my first submission not knowing that the folks at phenomeNEWS would become my long distance family of the heart. 

Now, I figure it's about 8 years, 97 articles, and a deep and ongoing gratitude later, that I find myself with no more article due date this month.

PhenomeNEWS has reached its completion and it will always hold a very beautiful place in my heart.

Actually, if you are reading this, it is probably at least partly thanks to phenomeNEWS.  They put me on the map and many of the people I reach now know of my work because of all these years of churning my personal process out into monthly articles that found print in Michigan and pixels on the web thanks to Cindy and Gerri and  all the wonderful folks at phenomeNEWS.  They have made a huge impact on my life and I'm sure whatever they do next will brighten our world.  I will always think of them with love and gratitude.

Have a message of gratitude for the phenomeNEWS team?  Post a comment below.  Thanks!