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Part One of The Vortex by Esther and Jerry Hicks and Abraham is so concentrated that we could probably devote ourselves to that one section and never run out of juice.

I’d like to go through these mini-chapters with a fine tooth comb. So, I recommend that you read the book at your own pace, and let’s use this first segment of the book as a hub.

Feel free to refer to other parts of the book in your comments if you’ve read ahead.  Think of our study as multidimensional and multi rhythmic.

Here’s what I mean by that:

Your individual reading, focus, and application of the book may run faster and include more specifics, while our study here is slow and deep.  With time, you will see many connections between your own private exploration of this teaching and the conversations we are about to have.

So, let these two run side by side.  Something wonderful is happening here.


I’d like to take a moment here to thank Jerry and Esther and Abraham for their profound influence on my life.  And since you are interested in "The Vortex," I want to encourage you to sign up for their tape programs, read their books, and go to their live workshops.  (You probably already do all that!)

YOFA (The Yoga of Alignment)
I’d also like to take a moment to acknowledge that, since I’ll be leading this group, our focus will no doubt take on a YOFA flavor.  I know some of you are deeply involved in the YOFA process of Inner Alignment while others may never have heard of it before.  As we move through "The Vortex" I’ll be pointing out some of the beautiful dovetailing that occurs. 

Q & A

A couple of people asked if this is a good book to start with if they’re new to the Abraham Teachings .

I answered one of these questions as follows:

I think it's just fine to jump right in with this book.

If you really want to get one other book as a foundation, I'd get "Ask and it is Given." But really, Abraham is always full and complete in each now so I think you'll be just fine.

Also, have you heard their intro recordings? You can listen or download for free here:


I invite your input to help the newcomers feel their way through this rich material. How would you answer that question?

With Love,

Abraham-Hicks Study Group: The Vortex – Jerry's Preface/Stable Footing/Your Intention

Focus: Pages xi-xvii Preface by Jerry Hicks

Jerry describes the "hub" of the Abraham teachings as follows:

"The basis of life is freedom; the result of life is expansion–and the purpose of life is joy."

We interrupt this broadcast…

Well, I wrote that yesterday in preparation for this post, but as life would have it, some blessed contrast caught my attention between then and now.  So, with Jerry's quote as a backdrop, let me tell you what just happened.

I was riding in my friend's car, "The Vortex" and pencil in hand, re-reading chapter one.  Basking in the wonderful feeling of our upcoming study group, appreciating the pull to read even more carefully because of my role in all this, I was marking up a storm in the book.

Beautiful day, we stopped, I got out of the car, lost my footing, injured my ankle and was now back in the car seat, ice, moans, groans, and having a harder time finding my way back into The Vortex.

Once the pain came down to a dull roar, I picked up my book again.  "Hmm. Where was I? Let me start reading again to remind myself what's important here."

I found the last line that I had read and underlined.  There it was on page 9. – Oh by the way, although I probably will not get around to posting this today, today's date is 09/09/09:

"Without exception, the flawed premise or unstable footing that most people stand on is because they care more about what someone else is thinking about them than how they themselves are feeling." – from The Vortex – Abraham-Hicks

Well, there was my first big "step one experience" to "kick" off our group with a bang.  Now I am excited.  Better understanding what "unstable footing" really means, I can see I've got my work cut out for me. I call it "work" but it is thrilling to anticipate the journey of caring less what others think and tuning more into how I feel.

So let's begin with these two notions:

  1. "The basis of life is freedom; the result of life is expansion–and the purpose of life is joy."
  2. "Without exception,the flawed premise or unstable footing that most people stand on is because they care more about what someone else is thinking about them than how they themselves are feeling."

Those who want to be actively involved in this group, please do 2 things right now:

  1. Since there are so many people interested in this group, please register here so that I can communicate with you more easily:
  2. Start getting your hands in the clay and comment below.  Make a rough statement of your intention.

    The focus offered in this book can generate a complete transformation in your life.

    Start pondering these 2 quotes (above) and write your thoughts in the comment field below.  Since this is a process, your comment does not need to be a finely crafted purpose statement for your life.  Write down a "work in progress" rough sketch of your intention in reading this book and in intensifying your reading by joining in this group. Make it as general or specific as you like. You can and will continually amend your intention.

    By writing, you sharpen your focus and tune your point of attraction. 

    You also heighten your inner guidance. Pay special attention to how you feel as you write. I love when something I think is true for me feels wrong when I write it. It gives me clarity about a place where I am off track and I can look more purely into my heart for what my true desire is. This is a great way to more finely tune in to your Inner Guidance.

As always, I am deeply honored that you join me on this journey.

With Love,