Inner Peace – What is it?

Inner Peace OmThe new year has begun!

How is it going for you?

I want to support you in having 2010 be a year to remember…

…as pivotal

… as transformational…

…and as – dare I say it? – magical.

I have some ideas up my sleeve and the first is this:

I'm inviting to you contemplate inner peace.

I'm inviting you to consider:

  • what it means to you
  • how you feel when you ponder those words
  • and what you have done in the past (if anything) to achieve inner peace.

That's all for today.

Just ponder the role of inner peace in your life and post your comments here.

The next installment of my idea will be arriving soon.

Keep an eye out for it and we'll continue the conversation.

Love and Blessings,

PS – Here is a free video interview about something that can make any visualization tool more effective.  It's about how to get your subconscious mind to agree with your conscious mind (one of the keys to inner peace).  I recommend it.