Spend 2 hours with Abraham-Hicks: Getting in the Vortex

Abraham-Hicks Hay House Radio


Jerry and Esther and Abraham are making a rare appearance *on your computer* via Hay House Radio – today- March 31

Here are the details:

Getting in the Vortex

Esther and Jerry Hicks
Hay House Live Online Event
March 31, 2010
Show: 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm PDT
Pre-show: 3:45 pm – 4:00 pm PDT
Login beginning at: 3:30 pm PDT

Abraham is back by popular demand!

In this unique live online dialogue, Esther and Jerry Hicks and the non-physical teacher, Abraham, show you how to manifest your ultimate desires and experience the truly rich and blissful life you deserve.

Whenever you attend an Abraham-Hicks seminar, the first thing you'll notice that sets these seminars apart from all others is that the seminars are interactive on many levels.

The agenda is never pre-determined, but is spontaneously created by Abraham's response to the participants in the workshop. It is uncanny how Abraham is aware of not only the consensus of questions in the audience, but every individual question that arises in the room as the seminar progresses. The feeling of co-creative harmony is palpable when you attend an braham-Hicks workshop, and Jerry and Esther were delighted to discover that the same holds true of these online seminars.

Abraham can feel you, wherever you are, and will answer your question even if you are not one of the ones chosen to speak to them directly.

Join Esther and Jerry Hicks and Abraham for these two interactive hours. It will be fun!




YOFA Sessions: Getting Results with Autism



Words & Hugs: Getting Results with Autism


As human beings, we have a tendency to compare.  We see things that are different and we want to make a value judgment.  We tend to want to say that when things are different, one is good and the other is bad.  Or, one is right and the other is wrong.  Or one is normal and the other needs to be fixed.

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That is the backdrop of our collective mentality.

Now, enter a growing population of human beings who seem to be decidedly different from most of the rest of us and these people are getting the label of autism.

What happens?

That old programming kicks in.  We see the difference, we compare, and we judge.

We want to say we are normal, we are the way a human being is supposed to be and they are abnormal, less than, and need to be fixed.

The YOFA Unconditional Love Project is a call for a new paradigm.

As we encounter these unusual individuals, let's cultivate unconditional love.  Let us see not only where our strengths can help them, but where their strengths can help us.

I don't necessarily think we can stop our deeply rooted tendency to compare and judge.  In fact, even in this conversation you can find the implication that comparing-and-judging is bad and not doing it is good.  That is a comparison and judgment right there.

So we have to come to terms with our own nature that wants to compare and judge.

But what we can do is, once we have automatically compared and judged, we can focus on what is wanted.  Every time we find ourselves making a comparison and a judgment, we can focus purely on what we prefer.

And so, what does this have to do with YOFA® Sessions and autism?

I have been offering remote Inner Alignment Sessions for children and adults with autism.

  • The basis of these sessions is unconditional love.
  • The method is based in the YOFA® system.
  • The results are now ready.

Please download the research report "Words & Hugs: Getting Results with Autism" and forward it to anyone who would thank you for it.

With Love and Appreciation,


YOFA jhe Sessions Q & A


YOFA jhe Sessions Q&A

The YOFA jhe Sessions are remote Inner Alignment sessions.  Here is a question I received after one of the sessions.


how did you do it?

I am feeling great right now! but my only problem with this is that i didn't do it:/ Which means that i need an outside source to make me feel great. Or am i missing the point? Could you direct me to a better understanding of these sessions? I know that i have gotten these feeling without help before but……I don't know….help?

Here is my audio answer:

(If you do not see the audio controller, you can access the recording HERE.)

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