Turning Judgments into Salad

A YOFA Stroll through Central ParkWhat a magnificent day!

Stroll with me through Central Park as I share with you what I did on the lunch break of the workshop I was attending.   I had fun and discovered a key to  the paradox of judgments that might just change me forever.

Here is the second recording  I made for you about my experiences this past weekend. (Part 1 is here.)

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I invite you to join me in this perspective (listen to the recording) when you find yourself judging or being judged. It lightens your load, eases your burden, and lets you move forward with your heart as your guide.

Love is the Answer,


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"Who am I?" Meditation

Who am I?

It's springtime and NYC is in bloom!

I recorded this while strolling through Central Park after a weekend workshop with Rev. Michael Beckwith and Rickie Byars Beckwith of Agape.

On this recording I share one of the insights I had during the workshop.

This is part 1 about my experience with the "Who am I?" Meditation.

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Have you had any funny meditation experiences?

Is there a word that sums up your experience of meditation?

Please post your word or a longer comment about meditation below.

Love is the Answer,


New Spice in Your Financial Soup: YOFA Inner Alignment Sessions Q&A

YOFA Inner Alignment SessionsIn this 17-minute recording, I answer Vijay's question about the YOFA® remote Inner Alignment sessions.

In the recording, you will find a new way to cook up your financial soup.  Below is the question.  Press the play button below the question to hear my response.


Dear Rebbie,
I have been a member since January 2006. I must confess that I do not accept things very easily, but have done so for the last three years. I am also not tuned in to using vibrations and energy like you describe in the ways you suggest- I am awfully lazy in these sort of matters, unlike my wife, Preethi. So, I can't even begin to comprehend what I am supposed to do in whatever situations you describe. Though I do get worried sometimes at the lack of finances, I am not a defeatist and at most times am optimistic/pragmatic in my evaluation of possible outcomes. So, what can you say to me that will positively enthuse me to change my outlook ? Love, Vijay

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How my iPhone gets me in the Vorte

The YOFA Gateway into the Vortex


*  *   *

“Creating is adjusting your vibration for what it will attract.”  — Abraham-Hicks

[mc id="601" type="audio"]The YOFA Gateway into the Vortex[/mc]

In this 14 minute recording I talk about how to get into what Abraham (Abraham-Hicks) calls the Vortex.

I also explain how to get free access to the YOFA Gateway into the Vortex so that you interact joyfully with Law of Attraction! (And how you can do this on your iphone without an app.) More details at http://happyinthevortex.com

This works for:

  • attracting loving relationships
  • attracting money
  • transforming your body
  • physical healing (jhe)
  • spiritual awakening
  • and more

With Love,