New Spice in Your Financial Soup: YOFA Inner Alignment Sessions Q&A

YOFA Inner Alignment SessionsIn this 17-minute recording, I answer Vijay's question about the YOFA® remote Inner Alignment sessions.

In the recording, you will find a new way to cook up your financial soup.  Below is the question.  Press the play button below the question to hear my response.


Dear Rebbie,
I have been a member since January 2006. I must confess that I do not accept things very easily, but have done so for the last three years. I am also not tuned in to using vibrations and energy like you describe in the ways you suggest- I am awfully lazy in these sort of matters, unlike my wife, Preethi. So, I can't even begin to comprehend what I am supposed to do in whatever situations you describe. Though I do get worried sometimes at the lack of finances, I am not a defeatist and at most times am optimistic/pragmatic in my evaluation of possible outcomes. So, what can you say to me that will positively enthuse me to change my outlook ? Love, Vijay

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