Abraham-Hicks 68 Seconds and Segment Intending

Abraham-Hicks tells us that 68 seconds of pure thought is enough to launch a creation.  I invite you to get much more deliberate about your placement of your 68-second processes.  Ponder your subject as if it already were the way you want it to be and feel the sweetness of its fulfillment.

One for Each Segment

If you insert one 68-second segment in between each of the segments of your day, you can increase your efficiency, joy, and satisfaction.

I'll show you how…

Example #1: Work Segment

I am about to sit down at the computer to do some work.

I do 68 seconds about my enthusiasm about my project and the usefulness of its completion.

Example #2: Time for Lunch

I do 68 seconds about my gratitude for the beautiful nutritious food produced lovingly by mother earth. And about how this vibrant food transforms into a beautiful powerful body as it becomes part of me.

Example # 3: Practicing the Piano

I do 68 seconds about how much I love the sound of the chords and how good my fingers feel as they fly knowingly across the keys, always landing securely, accurately and creating beautiful music.

Get the idea?

Law of Attraction reads these signals loud and clear.

To help you focus for 68 seconds I have uploaded 2 video timers.  You may want to turn off the volume so the sound does not distract you.

Video Time #1 – Water (above)

Video Timer #2 Sea Gulls in slow motion


With Love,

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Michael Beckwith brings the Agape Church Experience to Your Door

Rickie Byars Beckwith, Rebbie Straubing, Rev. Michael BeckwithBack in the mid 1990s (can't remember the exact year) I was cleaning out my chiropractic office.  I don't talk about this much, but I had become quite  ill and had to stop working.  After years of not being able to practice, and after having a string of other doctors covering the practice for me, and then subletting the space, I finally came to the realization that I had to let go of the office.

[mc id="775" type="audio"]Rebbie Talks about Rev. Michael Beckwith and Agape[/mc]

The reality was hitting pretty hard that I was not coming back to the office and the whole life that I had worked so hard to build for myself and that I truly loved.

I remember sitting on the floor in one of the adjusting rooms amid the boxes and feeling so sad.  I couldn't understand why this had happened and where I was headed.  It was a very hard time for me.

So this was about 15 years ago, and there I was, overwhelmed with the feeling of my life not going the way I had planned and with no relief in sight.  So I called m my sister Marsha and she told me about a song that they sing all the time at Agape.  And she told me the song says, "Use me."

I said, "Use me?"

She told me it was about making yourself available for God.

The song goes "Use me, Oh God. I stand for you and here I'll abide as you show me all that I must do."

At that moment I chose to take on that stance.  "Use me."

The essence of this "classic Agape" song, written by Michael Beckwith and Rickie Byars Beckwith, and transmitted by my sister's clarity and insight, dramatically shifted my state in that moment.  And I still refer back to that moment and sing that song to myself when I feel lost or discouraged. And it always releases resistance in me and I come into alignment with the help of that song.

This is just one of the innumerable times when the words of Rev. Michael Beckwith and the music of Rickie Byars Beckwith have provided a profound presence in my life over many years.  I am deeply grateful for their energy, wisdom, light, music, and guidance.

Why am I telling you all this right now?

Because the folks at Agape have put together a great big package that has videos, DVDs, CDs, books, cards, music, and even several subscriptions to Rev. Michael Beckwith's live calls, community and classes so you can start to take your life to the next level and get the support you need to really master your inner self.  This is an extraordinary opportunity to get so many resources for such a low price from someone who I consider to be one the most valuable spiritual teachers in my personal journey.

This is a hugely generous offer and I invite you to take a look at it right now.



With Love and Appreciation,

The Healing Energy of Gratitude – Root Chakra Healing

IMG_0458By Rebbie Straubing

In this brief article, I want to share with you a chakra healing technique you can use any time to promote healing in your body. You can use this method before or after a session of meditation. You can also use it while running for a bus or driving in your car. This technique is utterly simple and surprisingly effective. Of course, if you want to get more involved with its complexities, you can. But for now, let's keep it nice and simple.

It is based on the resonance between two powerful waves of energy that you can easily activate in your awareness. As powerful as any one modality may be in the self-healing toolbox, when you skillfully combine two resonant tools, you increase your results exponentially.

1 – The Root Chakra

We begin with the energy of the root chakra. This energy center is located at the base of your spine – or more specifically, at the base of your torso. This is not a physical structure but a constellation of energy. Like the magnetic field around a magnet, your root chakra also exerts an invisible force. This chakra represents an energetic vortex of influence in the root region of your body consciousness.

Begin this simple process by focusing your attention on this area of your body – the base of the torso. As you do this, realize that it is not your body you are activating. You are awakening this region of your consciousness.

2 – Gratitude

Next, bring into your awareness the words, "thank you." Let these words create a tapping sensation in the root region of your consciousness. Like the mallets inside a piano, let the repetition of "thank you" tap your consciousness so that it rings the tone of gratitude throughout your awareness. This technique sends waves of appreciation through your system and brings your physical body into alignment with the energy of gratitude. This harmonizing energy has the effect of healing.

Another Version:

For a more complex version, and to add more feeling, you can say "thank you for…" As various blessings cross your mind, add them to the next tap. This is not a physical tap. It is a feeling of the power of each impression of the words, "thank you."

When to use Which Version

The simple version (using only "thank you") is best for times when you are very busy and doing this in the background. It is also best for use in meditation when this is your sole focus. The more complex version (using "thank you for…"), where you list the things you are grateful for, is best for times when you are upset and your mind is going in a negative direction.

As you combine the energetic influence of your root chakra with the healing power of gratitude, you take possession of yet one more facet of your ability to promote your own healing. The conduit of the root chakra amplifies your experience of gratitude and sends a clearer message for Law of Attraction to match. This process enriches your life experience on a deeper level than we can usually access with the conscious mind.

And now I'd like to invite you to get the full story on the hidden powers of the root chakra in the book "Rooted in the Infinite." Get your free introductory download at http://www.rootedintheinfinite.com . And be sure to claim your Free eCourse "7 Secrets for Manifesting Your Heart's Desire" at http://www.yofa.net. You'll receive 3 simple lessons by email that can transform your life and bring you into alignment with the desires of your heart. This helps you manifest more joyfully, with more ease, and in a way that makes life more fulfilling. YOFA is the place where Law of Attraction meets meditation.

Free Meditation Workshop: Empowerment



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The subject is empowerment.

Power is such a tricky word.

Your personal power might just be the most important jewel you could ever possess.  And yet so many of us lose track of our power every single day.

  • We give it away.
  • We think it means having power over others and so we shy away from it, thinking it is bad.
  • We think it makes us egotistical and so we opt for false modesty.
  • It can get so complicated and the result is we step out of our personal power and we give away our joy.

What you already know

Well, there are many great teachers who you can follow to boost your sense of empowerment.  And I will not bother trying to duplicate what they teach you.

Something you probably don't know about power

I have something else to share with you and it is at the esoteric center of your personal empowerment. And it might surprise you.

  • But once you understand the spiritual basis of freedom…
  • And once you understand the profound gift it is to give to yourself…
  • And once you know a simple way to activate it in your life…

…You will never be the same.  You can step into your power with renewed creativity every single day.

I will teach you this simple process on the phone in the next 20 minute workshop.  There is no charge for the live workshop.


Will there be a recording?

The recording will only be available in the members site for those who have bought the book Rooted in the Infinite.

Wishing you all your heart desires,


YOFA is the place where Law of Attraction and Meditation meet.