Bob Proctor: Build an Image in Your Mind

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I particularly like that Bob Proctor is talking about Universal Intelligence, Spirit, and how to change the vibratory rate of your body in this video.

  • I like that he speaks of mind as movement.
  • I like how he compares creating a movie in your mind with growing a carrot from a seed.
  • I'm most delighted that I feel more inspired and more empowered after watching this video.

Now let's talk about repetition.

I have been listening to Abraham tapes and CD's just about every day since 1993.  That is 17 years!  You might think I know this stuff by now.  I do.  You probably do too.  But knowing is different from immersing.


When you look at the swimming pool, you know and understand what water is.  But when you jump in the water, when you immerse yourself in the medium of water, you float.  Floating is quite different from knowing!

Simply looking at the water, recognizing the water, studying the chemistry and physics of water, you do not float.  You must get in the water each time you want to float.  Just because you floated yesterday, does not mean that today, when you look at the water, you will float.  You must get in it again to have the floating, immersion experience.

What's Going on in Your Imagination?

And so, if there is something that you want to experience, you can immerse yourself in that experience in the creative medium of your imagination.  And if there is a belief system that is not serving you, and you want to replace it with a new paradigm, you can immerse yourself in the thought process of that paradigm.  (As in listening to Abraham like a mantra like I do.)

Now the question is, what movie are you running in your head over and over?  What is the message you keep repeating to yourself about money, or love relationships, or family, or your body?

Right Now?

What if, right now, we stop and immerse ourselves in the reality of our individual desired reality.  Want to do it with me?  Let's do it now. Like a movie that plays in your mind, watch your heart's love-vision for your life and feel the joy of it. (I'm closing my eyes, are you?)

See yourself in a great body, prosperous, with loving relationships…

Law of Attraction says your vision, your vibration, must move into form as a result of your creative effort.  Repeat this "mind movie"  every single day.  I mean why wouldn't you?

Make it Ultra-Easy (and Ultra Effective)

Well, I can think of one reason why you wouldn't.  It does take some effort to imagine these things when sometimes we are living quite a different picture.  That's OK.  My buddies at Mind Movies have created 6 brand new, free, pre-made Mind Movies to help you along.

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Love is the Answer,

PS – Bob Proctor mentions that he has been reading (and is still reading) Napoleon Hill's classic Think and Grow Rich for decades.  Get your free copy here.

A Path to Freedom

YOFA Freedom At the center of all true freedom you will find one thing.

The core of freedom is peace.

How "Breaking Free" Usually Backfires

Often, when we try to break free from something or someone, the freedom we chase carries the tone of anger or resentment, not the tone of peace. This "broken freedom" is not true freedom and it does not give you what you want. It keeps you vibrationally aligned with the thing you are trying to break free from. And then, Law of Attraction will only bring you more of it.

For example, let's say you want to break free from a lifestyle where you work very hard but receive little in compensation.

To the degree that you focus your attention on the negative aspects of your job, your boss, your commute, or your coworkers, you blend yourself with them. It's like hearing a song on the radio and mindlessly humming along. In your complaint, you are singing along to the tune of what you don't want.

Law of Attraction

That would be OK, except that any tune you sing gets accompanied by the universal orchestra. The universe always makes the song you are singing louder, more elaborate, and fills more of your life with that song. Law of Attraction is the conductor of that orchestra and its music becomes the content of your life.

Words of Gratitude

So, if you want your life's soundtrack to be filled with more fulfilling songs, you must begin singing them. Doing this is easier than you might think. You can begin looking for things you love in your life right now. Find words of gratitude and make them your daily lyrics.

As the universe gets hold of your new song, a whole new symphony of circumstances begins to play in your life. New people, new opportunities, and new feelings begin to fill your world.

From this space of gratitude, you can discover inner peace.

From a state of inner peace, you can find the true freedom that you seek.

Try This

Here is a two-part process for achieving freedom in any area of your life. Get a pencil and paper ready and do this when you won't be interrupted. You can do this repeatedly. The results may be different every time. Make sure you enjoy the process.

Part One: Wake Up

1 – Notice an area of your life where you desire more freedom. (Write it down.)

2 – Notice what you want to break free from. (Write it down.)

3 – Notice how much of your energy is engaged with that person or situation from which you want to free yourself. (Spend a few moments in contemplation. Write down a percent or use a scale of 1 – 10.)

Part Two: Sing a New Song

1 – Now that you know what you want to move away from, take a moment to discover what you want to move towards. (Spend some time writing about your true desire in this area of your life.)

2 – Once you find the image that fits the feeling of freedom that you seek, feel it as if it is already true. (Close your eyes and feel it. No need to write for this step.)

3 – Give that reality a name. It can be a real word or a made-up word. It becomes your secret word that activates that reality for you. (Write it down.)

4 – Use that word several times a day in conversation with a spirit of gratitude. Only you know the inner secret meaning this word has for you. Every time you say it, you call that reality closer to you.

The power of this process is in its simplicity and light heartedness. The more enjoyment it brings you in the process, the more satisfying will be the results.

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