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We've been brain washed. We've watched commercials and read ads long enough to believe that attracting a relationship that makes your heart go pitter-patter is all about your appearance.  I'm not making this up.  Americans spend about $15 billion a year on beauty products.  So, if you want to find your soul mate, you might think it's all in the mascara.

Well, makeup is nice, but how good is a beautiful light bulb if it's not plugged in?  It is your light that makes you attractive. And in order for you to light up to your potential partner, you've got to spend some time plugging in to the source of your beauty-electricity.

Shine Your Light to Find Your Love

In this video, I offer a script to listen to regularly to get you "plugged in" to the juice and the joy of your new relationship (especially for my friends in the over 50 crowd!).  This excerpt comes from a teleseminar recording where I teach you how to change one thought to attract your soul mate.  One thought!

This segment is focused on scripting.  Scripting is an Abraham-Hicks process that you can use to bring yourself into alignment with your desire.  Then, let Law of Attraction match you up with what you are asking for.

So, if you are over 50, or over 60, and you are looking to find love again (or even for the first time) you can use the scripting process in this video to bring yourself into vibrational alignment with a new relationship that makes your heart soar.  This gets you glowing with beauty from within. (Of course you can add mascara as desired…)

Change One Thought to Attract Your Soul Mate

To find out how to change one thought to attract your soul mate, listen to the full seminar recordings.  There is no charge for this and you can listen to streaming audio or download the mp3s. Go to and scroll down to the picture of the woman and man.  Enter your name and email.  You will get free instant access to the full workshop.

Message to a Tree

She bought a flashlight, two jugs of water, and some cans of tuna to bring to grandma.  A neighbor tied up her yard chairs.  Now she waits to see if the hurricane will really hit.  As she drove out of the driveway heading for grandma's house, she beckoned to the trees, "Dig your roots in deep!"

I liked my friend's pre-hurricane motto.  "Dig your roots in deep."

I got to thinking about our internal weather. Have you ever experienced an "emotional hurricane"?

Anger, fear, depression, anxiety. These can create harsh winds inside of us.

And so I just thought I'd pass along these words to you: Dig your roots in deep!  You will weather your own storms with dignity and come out the other side with wisdom.

If you have a copy of Rooted in the Infinite that's sitting around getting dusty on the shelf, why not pick it up and do some of the meditations?

You'll be so much more prepared when life's winds blow.

With Love,

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