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These videos will be coming down soon so be sure to watch Joe Vitale, Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, and the rest of them in this video series as they give you the golden nuggets of success.  (There is no charge for any of this.)

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Answer to Question About Drug Addicted Son

I recently sent out an email about the power of visualization.

In a "PS" I asked a question.. Here is one f the answers I received:

to your question: What would you most want to use your powers of visualization to manifest?

to me, that have a teenager in drugs at home, i would love to see him healthy, happy and free of addictions. How could i manifest that?

i'm searching for the response within, reading whatever i could find in internet about personal accountability and self-growth, and seriously working to have myself improved, more loving, more understanding, more open-minded… but i would appreciate with my life if somebody out there has a response for it.

I'm not sure why i'm giving you this info or even replying to an email i know most likely it was tailored to be sent massively, but somehow i felt the question came directly to me, and to nobody else… and i had to respond from the hearth.

Bendiciones (Blessings)

My heart softened when I read this email.  Can you feel the authenticity and sincerity in this message?

And so the answer is actually in the question.  It is the same authenticity and sincerity that is expressed here that is also the solution to this problem.

I get many emails but I am highlighting this one because it so clearly expresses the dilemma in which so many of us find ourselves.

Our pain comes from the pain of a loved one.  And it seems we must change them in order to heal our own hearts.  Since we cannot change another, we feel powerless and stuck in an impossible situation.

I'd like to suggest a paradoxical two-part approach to this issue.  It is paradoxical because the two parts would seem to contradict each other.  But when you can find the harmony between them, you can move mountains.

The two parts of this approach are as follows:

  1. Accept your son exactly the way he is.  Love him unconditionally and do not try to change one thing about him.
  2. Envision your son exactly as you believe he would be in his true happiness and see it as true.  Ignore all evidence to the contrary and let him live in your heart as the happy, loving, loveable, free, joyful version of him that your heart knows.

You may be wondering how you can do both of these at the same time.  It is actually easier than you might think.

In your acceptance, you release resistance and you love him unconditionally.  You do not allow any behavior or appearance to have more power than your love for him.  Look at him, either with your eyes or in your mind, and systematically accept everything about him.  Love his hair and his clothes and the way his shoes look and the look in his eyes.  Find love in every aspect of him.

In order to do this you must give up your idea of the meaning of things and go directly to your love.

Once you have done this, step two becomes much easier.  Once you access your unconditional love for him in his present condition, you can easily see him happy and strong and independent in your mind.  You can see it because the love in your heart paints that picture easily.

You can see it like a cartoon that lives inside of him. It is a potential version of him and the more you see it, the more you strengthen it.  You bring it out in him by merely seeing it and relating to it.

And the best part is that since you are totally accepting of him as he is, there is no resistance in your vibration.

Miracles come of this.

Thank you for writing.

I wish you love,

Energy Antidote to Fear Prompted by Watching the News about Japan’s Nuclear Disaster

seiza1In this article I will give you a simple inner alignment meditation that you can do anytime you feel anxiety, fear, or a sense of doom as a result of hearing frightening updates about the nuclear reactors in Japan.

There is a collective consciousness of fear of nuclear disaster that hums in the background around our planet – but it is usually kept in check.   There is usually a sense of a norm that allows other things to occupy our minds.  But when the news is filled with updates of radiation leakage from nuclear reactors, that hum starts to throb and it can easily set off an emotional meltdown.

Whether you feel overwhelmed with compassion for those who are in the thick of it, or fear for your own life and that of your lived ones, now is the time to commit to your vision of a joyful journey on this planet.

But how do you hold to a vision of joy when faced with images of smoking nuclear reactors, images of devastation, and news of more to come?  It's hard to make that leap.  We need a stepping-stone between the feeling of doom and the feeling of light-hearted joy.  We need an adapter, a connector, some way to more easily move ourselves energetically from resonance with the problem to resonance with the solution.

The Pure Heart of Creativity

In the same way that you can pivot on your feet and change the direction of your journey, and you can move your eyes and change the direction of your gaze, you can also move your thoughts and change the direction of your manifestation.

When events in the world are extreme, it can be easy to cave in and feel defeated but there is an error in that logic.  It's going backward round the circle.  (Like if you tried to track time by going counterclockwise, two o'clock would come before one o'clock and you would not show up for one appointment on time.)

Let me explain.  If you let world events determine your thoughts, your outlook and your emotional state, then you are letting what has already manifested determine your vibratory offering for the next reality.  This is  going counterclockwise round the manifestation clock.

But if you recognize that your thoughts create your reality, then there is no disaster big enough to interfere with your clockwise motion from consciousness to manifestation.  By committing to your knowing of the forward motion of creative thought, you can do more for this world than all those who are walking in the opposite direction, looking outward to find what is inside of them.  You, by taking the time to look inward first, create your world from the pure heart of creativity.

Inner Alignment Meditation

  • Sit upright and close your eyes.
  • Imagine yourself standing looking at the problem.
  • Imagine the problem becoming somewhat transparent like an apparition.
  • Imagine yourself walking through and past the problem.
  • When you are on the other side of the problem continue to walk forward.  Move toward the image of a beautiful earth.  Let the desire of your heart for the earth and its people guide your steps.
  • See the flowers blooming, the sky bright and blue. See children laughing.  Know that you have the power to create this reality.

This Z-axis meditation is based on the YOFA system of Inner Alignment.  I teach this system of meditation in the book Rooted in the Infinite.

Energy Antidote to Fear Prompted by Watching Videos of Japan's Tsunami

YOFA MeditationIn this article I will give you a simple inner alignment meditation that you can do anytime you feel anxiety, fear, or a sense of losing your emotional stability as a result of watching video footage of the tsunami in Japan.

Here we are, on the other side of the globe, and yet we are all connected and we feel major earth shifts energetically.  Some of us more than others.  But when we see the videos of the devastation… when we see cars and houses washing by and crashing into each other, all subtlety vanishes and the feeling in your gut can be hard to shake.

Why Get Yourself In Alignment Now

Your inner alignment right now is of great value to you and to your world.  Your emotional stability during this crisis can be the greatest gift you ever give yourself.   This is a rare opportunity to achieve a new level of mastery.  By taking this extremely unwanted occurrence and transmuting it into a spiritual gym, you get a powerful workout and build your spiritual muscle in a way that can lift you to a new level of inner stability and freedom.

This stability will serve you through the rest of your life, for sure.  But it also does more.  You become a point of stability for others.  As their energy fields are thrashing about, sloshing about, and reeling from the tidal wave images, you become a place of high ground that assists them in finding their own stability.  Not necessarily through your words or direct guidance, but from your mere presence.

How to Find Your Stability

Once you have seen the images of the tsunami, even if you stop watching them, the images can repeat themselves in your mind and each time they do, they can have the effect of uprooting you energetically.  If these images persist, you can feel a combination of powerlessness, fear, and dread.

One antidote to this feeling of overwhelming anxiety is to establish a more stable inner root.  By doing this you do not erase the images but you become more stable and more able to deal with the world you are now living in.

The following inner alignment meditation is designed to fortify your energetic rootedness so that you maintain your emotional stability through this crisis.

Inner Alignment Meditation

  • Sit upright and close your eyes.
  • Sense a vertical column of light running right through your spine.  Imagine this column of light to have the density of a wooden pole, like a broom stick.  Imagine that this pole of light is made of peaceful glowing energy and it is sitting right at the center of your body.
  • Now follow the bottom of this pole down into the earth and notice that it continues straight through to the center of the earth.  Its profound essence of peace sets the tone for the entire planet and it extends its peaceful glowing essence into every cell of your body.
  • Notice that this stream of glowing peace is 100% pure and cannot be shaken by physical matter.  It remains a pure light of peace regardless of the movements of the earth, or the waters, or your body.
  • And both you and the great Mother Earth have direct access to this stream of glowing peace essence at all times and in all places.
  • Take as long as you like to come into greater and greater awareness of this stream and return to it whenever you feel the need or desire.

This stream is always vital, vibrant, powerful and available.  With continued practice, your awareness of it will become more reliable and more useful in all aspects of your life.

This Y-axis meditation is based on the YOFA system of Inner Alignment meditation.  I teach this system of meditation in the book Rooted in the Infinite.