Visualization for Manifestation

lampHere is a visualization tip.

Most people focus on what they want and then proceed to visualize it as done.

For example, a woman wants a relationship with a man and so she visualizes herself with him in different circumstances and evokes the feeling of the relationship.


A man wants more clients, so he visualizes his appointment book full and he imagines himself in his office, seeing clients throughout the whole day.


Someone is experiencing physical pain and he or she imagines the ailing body part radiant with love and light.

This is all great, effective, and powerful, but it can be better.

Before you create your visualization, consider not only what you want, but also why you want it.

Then, be sure to include the fulfillment of the "why" in your visualization.

How To Make Your Visualization More Powerful

The desire for money may really be for the purpose of freedom.  If that is the case, be sure to include the image and feeling of freedom in your visualization for manifesting money.

The desire for a relationship may be for the reason of feeling loved and appreciated.  Be sure to include images and feelings of mutual love and respect in your visualization for manifesting a relationship.

The desire for healing might be fueled by a desire to travel or dance or to simply walk your dog or do your normal daily routine.  Be sure to include those activities in your visualization.

In summary, when creating a visualization for manifestation, ask yourself what you want and why you want it.  Include the images and feelings of both in your visualization.

Love and Blessings,

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Unconditional Love for Autism

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