Behind the Curtain of the Healer – or – Unfashionable Healing

Bill Cunningham

I recently watched a documentary about Bill Cunningham, famed NY Times fashion photographer.   In fact, I recommend this film for many reasons, not the least of which is the pure New Yorkiness of it.  It's called Bill Cunningham New York.

But that's not what I'm here to write about.  I simply bring it up because one of the glaringly simple truths revealed in this movie sheds light on the relationship between the healer and the healing.  It can help us choose a healer, and it can help us succeed in our own healing.

I'll get right to the point.  I bring up Bill Cunningham here because celebrities seem to be tripping over themselves to be photographed by this fashion icon whose camera has delineated fashion for years.  And yet the charming and humble man behind the camera is typically clad in the blue smock worn by Parisian street sweepers.

I hang around some heavy duty healers.  I'm talking about people who perform what many would call miracles.  But someone recently asked me why one of these amazingly talented and devoted fellows is struggling so with his own physical challenges.  He was pointing out the irony.  But there is more than irony here.  There is a trap that can snag you and prevent you from benefiting from these folks.

The point is that if Bill Cunningham saw himself walking down the street, he probably would not stop his bicycle to snap a picture of the slightly hunched over, blue smocked, gentleman who turns no heads.  And yet, this modestly dressed artist knows exactly what to shoot and why.  His understanding of fashion and his ability to express it through his camera flows independent of (some might even say in spite of) his own wardrobe.  And this is much like the powerful healer whose understanding of the energy body and whose ability to promote healing in another transcends the challenges within his or her own body.

Does this seem weird to you?  Is it counterintuitive?

I invite you to suspend your judgments when selecting someone to help you heal.  Because whether it's irony or something deeper, more causal, some of the greatest healers are themselves dealing with some of the most unfashionable challenges.   Remember that these people are human.  They simply have a great talent.

I wish you wholeness.