Follow the Arrow to Prosperity

Which way do you go to find the prosperity you seek?  What actions do you take?  These are the questions that lead most people away from prosperity.  "Away?"  Yes, away.  The reason is simple.  People are asking their feet to follow a direction via action.  But the first steps must be taken from your chair.  Feet still.  No action.  The arrow to follow toward prosperity is a direction of your mind.

Let's back up for a minute.  When you are invested in fruitful action, how do you decide which arrow to follow?  You ask your mind.  And where does your mind get its information from?  A mixture of what it learns from the world and what it feels from your ego.

Not a great combination.  Action will probably be tedious, not fruitful.

When you prepare your mind first, when you tune your mind to what is wanted, something completely different happens.  Once your mind is prepped for success, when you ask your mind which arrow to follow, you get a new answer.  Where does this answer come from?  A combination of inspiration and guidance from broader perspective.

Now that is a formula for success.  And by success, I mean joyful manifestation.

And by the way, prosperity is not just about money, it is about all the good, joyful manifestations that make your life fulfilling.

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