YOFA Energy Clearing and Meditation Replay


Click the play button above to listen to the replay of the most recent YOFA Energy Clearing Session.

Even though the session is over, you can use this recording to help you clarify your desire and formulate your "Yes!."

You can join in on the meditation on the recording to shift your vibration.  Watch as your life starts moving in the direction of your heart's desires.

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Simple Law of Attraction Strategy for Difficult Times

Sometimes the water is calm, and there you are,
row, row, rowing your boat gently down the stream.

Other times the water can be rough and choppy,
and you can feel challenged by conditions. I know
this is true for me.
Good News…
These hard times can actually lead you directly into
the best times. It's all a matter of what tools you have
and how skilled you are at using them.I want to share with you one simple technique I use
(and it works every time) to shift my vibration in those
difficult moments.
  1. It all hangs on you noticing what's going on.
  2. Once you notice that you're feeling bad you're half way there.
  3. Stop what you're doing. I mean stop everything!
  4. Realize that you're focused on the unwanted side of the coin.
  5. Now, (simple) focus on the other side of that same coin.

Can it really be that simple? Well, yes.

Sure, your conditions are complicated. But your shift is simply
from unwanted to wanted. Like a light switch.

It's all about feeding Law of Attraction thoughts that are more
nutritious for your life journey. You've heard the expression,
"You are what you eat." Well your mind is eating thoughts.

Think about it!

Inner Guidance in Every MomentI
It's all guidance.  The bad feeling is telling you you are going
in a direction that is contrary to your essence.
Once you flip that light switch, you can find a way to still
focus on that subject, but this time with a good feeling.
Once you feel a little relief, that's your guidance telling
you you are going in the direction you really want to go.
You can turn it around.  You have the power.
(We'll be talking more and more about this as 2015 unfolds.)
Love & Blessings,
PS – My colleague, Sonia Ricotti, talks about becoming
"unsinkable." I like that image.
If you want to become unsinkable with Sonia,
be sure to catch the replay of her recent webinar. It's only
up for another day or two.

Happy New Year of Mastery!


Happy New Year!

Have you gotten used to writing “2015” yet?

I’m actually enjoying this number.

It feels fresh and clean.

And with the brisk weather here, and bright white snow outside, well, we are sparkling!

So, here’s a little overview of my intention for The Yoga of Alignment (YOFA) for this year, and it includes you.

Inner Guidance

We all know about Law of Attraction. But knowing about Law of Attraction is like knowing about gravity. It doesn’t make you an Olympic gymnast. Those people who seem to fly through the air not only know about gravity, they have mastered their interaction with it.

I want you to not only know about Law of Attraction, I want you to reach a level of mastery. And that’s all about inner guidance. So this is going to be the context of much of what I offer this year. It’s about becoming masterful in the living of your life by tuning in so closely to your inner guidance that you kind of fly though your life.

Watch the blog or the podcast for short videos that help you find your way as you train yourself into alignment with your essence, and as you work with the book Rooted in the Infinite.

Keep watching for ways that it all leads back to you gaining greater and greater access to your inner guidance.


The guitar that’s hanging on the wall of my bedroom is the guitar I bought back in the 1960’s on the same day I went to see the original production of Hair on Broadway. Haha. Ok, so now you know a few things about me.

  1. I’m old.
  2. I’ve been playing guitar for a really long time (even if you can't tell by my playing!) and
  3. Music has been a big part of my life way before YOFA ever existed.

And now music is about to become a big part of YOFA.

Music, as we use it for affirmative contemplation, has the power to bypass the self sabotaging mental patterns of conflict that keep us stuck in patterns that don't serve us.

Music has the power to lift us into a new vibration that tunes you to your essence. And Music has the power to bring you into alignment with all that you desire so that you live the life that makes your soul smile.

I posted the first YOFA chant to Youtube as a holiday offering, but this chant is good to use all year round. You can still download it at http://yofa.net/journey

And in fact, it is one of the chants in the upcoming inner guidance training I’m working on. (This thing is taking me way longer than I thought it would — so it’s not going to be available for another little while) Anyway, since that program is going to have chant as a part of it, and since the program is taking so long to get ready, I leaked out this song so you can get a sense of the chant energy that’s becoming a bigger and bigger part of the Yoga of Alignment experience.

I’ll tell you more about all of this soon, but I really just wanted to give you a context for our new year together and I want to thank you for your interest in my work, for your participation in my programs, and for receiving my offerings with such an open heart. It means the world to me.

Happy New Year!


Bring Your Light Forward

Light and shadow bring a richness to your life, you feel more compassion for yourself, you even begin to appreciate your weaknesses.  It's all a result of coming into alignment with your essence.  Use the affirmation I Love being Me to get this going.


  1. The "I Love Being Me" Affirmative Contemplation is part of a collection called I Am Love.
  2. Develop your inner alignment on your own with the book Rooted in the Infinite.
  3. You can also join the YOFA jhe Sessions and receive 8 remote inner alignment session each month.