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Law of Attraction is the Universal principle that brings things of a like vibration together.  And since thoughts vibrate, they are always attracting other thoughts.

Now bring in the factor of information overload.  Well, when you are in the midst of scrolling through screens full of email or pouring over paper piles of to-do-lists ***and*** you have been cultivating your awareness of Law of Attraction, you can find yourself in a pretty noisy mental landscape.

Every micro-thought has a constellation of associations scintillating around it pulling in even more thoughts.  And the multitude of directions of movement of mental energy can create a chaotic manifestation factory in the ethers.

The most obvious result might be the outcry, "Why is this happening to me?"

Or it can be the plea to the Universe, "I've been doing everything right, why haven't I manifested __(fill in the blank)___  ?"

Or even worse, the feeling can arise as, "I've done everything right and that person over there is doing everything wrong (according to me!), and they have what I want!"

In a nutshell, the result of vibrating all over the place is that we wonder why our manifestations are not what we think we're asking for.

Abraham has offered us the antidote to this condition as 68 seconds of pure thought.  Swami Sivananda has offered us the more ancient reminder of thought power from the yogic tradition. 

Then we have the creative challenge of merging this into the living of our lives.

The Next Results Workshop

In the February 2009 YOFA "Results" Workshop, we'll be tapping into some of Swami Sivananda's wisdom on the power of thought and relating it to what we know about Law of Attraction. 

The workshop is now live.  As soon as you sign up you get instant access to the recordings and if you sign up before the live call on Monday, February 23, you can also participate in the workshop.  You can still sign up after the live event and you'll get the recording of the call.

This is a monthly online workshop where advanced students of Law of Attraction get together to fine-tune their relationship with Law of Attraction so that they get soul-satisfying results in all 3 dimensions of their energy flow (spiritual, healing (jhe), and manifestation).

To find out more and sign up for this single workshop, CLICK HERE.

To become a member of the "Results" group and get a discount each month, CLICK HERE.

To Join the YOFA Inner Circle and get this workshop as a free bonus with your membership, CLICK HERE.

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4 thoughts on “Law of Attraction, Swami Sivananda & Thought Power

  1. Just the existence of the to-do list weakens alignment. A to-do list with 20 things to do pulls you in 20 directions at once. It takes less time to get to where you are going if you go in one direction. That's why it's so important to finish the to-do list before the day is over, even if it means letting go of many things you thought you might do.

  2. Rebbie,
    Although there is a time lag for me between when you send out the recordings, when I listen to them, and when you have the call, I find such meaning and freedom in these exercises. This time I am focusing on how and why advancing my career will free me from the negative bondages I have allowed to surround me.

    I would love to have the recordings be once a week and the call to be the last week. This way I could space out what you are giving me and time to let each aspect sink in.

    Thanks for your wisdom and support,

  3. Rebbie,
    i just had to comment one more time. You mentioned how you are so in tune with Abrham-Hicks that more than once you have written an article that has the concept or even some trivial detail that they used in their CD.

    Well last week before I heard any of these recordings, I began to have a yearning to connect and interview people who have programs, products, or ideas about natural personal well being. And then in the last recording of the results workshop, before the "live" call," you mentioned one time "personal well being." Later you said, "find and align yourself with those whose thought forms you want to bring myself in alignment with. Look at the influence of others and how you will influence the world and the full explosion of multiplication and manifestation that you want to come from this."

    It is just amazing to me to see how time and again what you are setting up fro me to gain in my life I am already receiving before you ever actually contact me.

    My friends have noticed a clear difference in me over the past few months since I have REALLY begun to attune myself with you. And I was already seen as a great "together person" by so many before this.

    Enough for now, I need to go and write some in my own blog and be with my children.

  4. I just finished listening to the Feb. Results call. There is so much info in the recordings before the call, but the call itself has magic in it. I was able to bring a new way of interacting to those I find offensive, without having to give in to them, to try and change them, to even understand them. Of course it ends up being very simple. Listen to their sounds as if they are an animal without words. The words are really irrelevant. I am looking forward to seeing how this works. My question is: What will I do if I hear sounds of warning and aggression? How do I keep my vibrations intact? How do I not go into fear?
    As i write this I think about I will quietly walk away-either physically or vibrationally- as I have when I have encountered bears in the woods.
    And I want to thank Phil for sharing with us and bringing Rebbie's ability to take us from one level to about twenty levels in.

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