A New YOFA jhe Experiment Begins

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You folks knocked my socks off.

The results that people reported during the week-long YOFA jhe Experiment in November were nothing short of extraordinary. 

So, just to make sure that this was not a fluke, I'm doing it again.

This time we'll go for a month.  The whole month of January.

I'll be offering sessions a few times a week.  Who knows, maybe more maybe less.  (I'll be following my flow rather than a schedule – That's the way this sort of thing works best for me.)

Once again, I am not charging for this service.  It is completely free.

All you have to do is watch for results:

· Improvement in your condition
· Happiness
· Lightness
· Ease
· What others would call "healing"
(We call it "joyful harmonious expressiveness" or "jhe.")

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That's also where you'll get all the details.

Then you can come back and post your results here.  So bookmark this page so you can easily come back and let us all know that these jhe sessions really work!

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you something important. 

Now, this is the strange part. 

There is one requirement.  And that is that you do not write about your problems.  I know this is the opposite of what you are used to with those who usually help you heal.  You're in the habit of telling that person your problem so they can help you get rid of it.

This is a completely different approach. The less I know about your problems, the more effective I am in these sessions.

When you post to the blog, you can talk generally about symptoms you used to have that are now gone, but please keep this blog free from the vibrations of named medical conditions. Thank you for honoring this.  Anyone telling me the specifics of their problem will be removed from the list.  Sorry.  At my current level of ability, this is important to the success of the experiment.

You can do it, too.

To get in sync with what I'm doing in these sessions, get a copy of Rooted in the Infinite: The Yoga of Alignment.  You can begin doing the exercises in the Practice Section of the book and build a greater resonance with my jhe Sessions.

So, if you want to begin the New Year with a joyful harmonious tone, sign up for the new YOFA jhe Sessions and feel free to tell everyone you know abut this while it is still free.  The more people who participate, the more we'll find out about the effectiveness of this method.  You can tell your friends by clicking HERE.

Sign up here:


Thank you!

With love and appreciation,


PS – Want to see the results some people got the last time we did this?  Click HERE

172 thoughts on “A New YOFA jhe Experiment Begins

  1. Thank you Rebbie. Had an incredible day today. Felt a real "high" from the moment I woke up until mid-afternoon. I usually feel scared of these prosperous feelings because they are so strong and because I really don't like it when the feeling "leaves". Well, I was with it today, and stayed with it for the duration of the day. Thanks.

  2. Thank you for the time you have spent helping to energize my life. I have noticed subtle changes this month. Most obvious to me is that I have become more active in my own healing. I have been more aware of diet, hydration and exercise; more attune to watching and avoiding resistance.
    I had surgery on both hands in November, and the past two weeks have been a dramatic improvement…And finances have definitely improved.

  3. Thank you Rebbie for the following (it's really more than this but this gives you the sense of it)

    1. There's so much more ease and delight around here. This morning the air had sparkles in it, not snow because the sky was completely blue, but there were little shiny bits of sparkle blowing around. It was delightful. Well thats how everything feels. All full of sparkles and fun.
    2. Everything feels much lighter around here!
    3. And there's a sense of delightful anticipation about what might be around the next corner.

    I can't wait!
    Truly Grateful!!!!

  4. At first, I thought that it doesn't make sense. You tell me that prosperity is coming into my life and I ended up paying for my date last night. Then, today, I closed a trade profitably and was thrilled! Thank you.

  5. hi Rebbie,
    This is the most exciting day for me. I want to thank you for the whole month of this experiment. It is has given me more confidence, peace, and physical healings that I hope will continue. I did not receive any great amount of money in the last session but today all the right people were contscting me and helping me move my career forward. I am soooo excited.
    thanks again.
    much love sandy

  6. Very happy to report that in this past week I have experienced an unexpected increase in $$$ flowing in! I was able to help my son who is off on an overseas trip, and also give some extra money to my eldest son AND have more money in the bank than I have for awhile!!
    With much gratitude
    Jillian Sethi

  7. Bonjour Rebbie

    My beautiful younger sister, France, invited me to join in on dec 22nd when you helped us celebrate our ancestors. It was meaningful to us both, as our father was taken from us on dec 22nd 1980. From this experience, I have continued to partake in your jhe sessions and am pleased to report that this journey I have embarked on with you and others like you has helped me so much with putting behind a long difficult 'event'. I am moving forward for the first time in a long, long time! I am so pleased to be learning how to 'align' myself into a better place. Last week, at my workplace, a possibility for advancement was mentioned. Though, I won't know until april if this will occur, it is such a positive possibility to look towards! I thank you, and my sister both, for providing me with the tools and encouragement to improve, both personally and professionally. Life does bring us such sorrow, and rain, but out of this, I see the beginning of a much-welcomed rainbow. Merci beaucoup!

  8. Hi Rebbie, I wanted to say Thank you,Thank you Very much! I have had some improvement in a health issue I have been dealing with for a very long time. I am not sure exactly what contributed to the change since I have tried several new things all at once, BUT I am sure this was one of the factors that helped. Also,I no longer have anxiety about driving in the snow (which its been doing a lot of here) AND recently just this past week you were doing prosperity and I have had 3 unexpected job offers come my way 🙂 SO there is that. Thank you for your generosity. If my health problem gets worse again now that this is over THEN I will know for sure it was the JHE sessions. This has inspired me to do a sort of "pay it forward" and since I am an LMT I decided to provide some complimentary sessions to people in need who cannot afford them. Love and Light to you- Heidi in Colorado

  9. Another bout of prosperity…
    Bracing ourselves for a hefty bill for vehicle brakes, it turns out it only required an adjustment. The cost was only $20 and tax. Unbelieveable!
    Great 'JHE' sessions this month Rebbie.

    In gratitude,

  10. thank you Rebbie—what more can i say? Wishing Only Well for you and everyone–love, stacey

  11. Just after you generously gave us the adjustment for prosperity, my partner received his first ever payment for the music he makes, and I was amazed that 9 people came to my first Reiki "share and learn" evening. On the same evening, I was invited to discuss a business venture with the owner of the premises I hired – this is a wonderful validation of your work, Rebbie. And extremely gratefully received.

  12. Dearest Rebbie

    Sorry for waiting so long to post this, but I can't thank you enough for the "jhe" sessions.

    Please let me know if you plan on offering these again anytime in the future: sign me up now 🙂

    I won't go into details (as you suggest) but I will say that I have been totally free of any pain or discomfort from a medical condition! Sorry I can't report any prosperity increases(yet) but I'm sure that's on the way.

    I have been meditating regularly for several decades now but my sessions had become kind of stagnant or had reached a plateau?

    The exercises in your wonderful book have given quite a boost to my practice and I am again experiencing some very deep meditation sessions.

    Thank you so much ! Please keep up the good work.


  13. Thank you ever so much for these sessions. For the past two years I had been struggling with intense fear not fully understanding what I was struggling about. This past week it became clear that I was in the process of letting go of painful past issues that I was holding onto. I am so grateful for the clarity and peace I now have. Now I can move forward. Keep up the good work. Jane

  14. This past week, ever since you were sending allignment for prosperity, I have received about 5 sweepstakes offers, for both a car and cash. I claim bountiful abundance for my family and me. Thank you for the allignments. Every day that I felt an intense sense of joy and wellbeing, I noticed that you had sent an allignment that day. You can send them to me anytime you want. Jane

  15. Something has definitely shifted. After weeks of searching I have found the ideal place for me to live and a job I have dreamed of for eons. Both manifested in the last three days…coincidence? I think not.

    blessings and thanks

  16. What a month it has been! I have been reading your book, as well as Abraham-Hicks' and just received a tape set from them which I am listening to as much as possible.
    There have been significant changes in how I feel, and it's all positive. In the area of prosperity, I have picked up a bit of tutoring, but I know that more is on its way as I see and hear of it in others' lives. My sister-in-law is starting a new position which pays significantly more, my sister Cecile, who has joined me on this journey, is likely to have a new position which will pay significantly more, my younger sister just emailed us telling us about a promotion and increased salary that she recently got but had not yet mentioned, my husband is working a lot of overtime which is usually not happening after the holiday season is over, and my college age daughter just got a new part-time job that pays well. From the Abraham-Hicks message, I learned that a sign that a thing is about to manifest is indicated when seeing it happening for others. I think that I have been shown enough examples!
    I feel so blessed with having been introduced to amazing teachers (you and Abraham-Hicks) and tools within the recent past. That constitutes prosperity for me.
    With love, blessings, and gratitude for your arrival at this time of my life — I was ready for the teacher(s) to appear!
    France in MA

  17. Rebbie,

    I had forgotten I even signed up for the healing sessions at first – although I read each one of your emails, I wasn't really focusing on them. I had been so busy that i just read them and deleted them, not giving them much thought. Then, about 2 weeks ago, my business accelerated so quickly & so unexpectedly! I have been MORE BUSY, which I thought couldn't happen, but it has made me MORE PRODUCTIVE, too! I started getting rid of junk in my home at the same time ("clearing my space) AND being more positive, helpful, and friendlier to people, even though I should have been MORE STRESSED! It's as if EVERYTHING has turned around for me, in all aspects, and I thank you so much for it! As I mentioned, I wasn't even particularly 'attuned' to receiving your jhe. sessions at first, but somehow, they 'got through' to me, and everything took a turn for the positive! Thank you so much, and PLEASE let me know when you plan on doing this again!
    Gina in West Virginia

  18. thank you Rebbie for this wonderful experiment. All of a sudden I started getting a lot of new clients, as well as repeat clients. At first I thought I wasn't receiving the prosperity, but then all of a sudden….wham… it started with full force. it was amazing.
    Thank you again and I wish you all the prosperity that you have brought to all of us.
    many blessings!!!

  19. Dear Rebbie
    Thank you for inspiring energy. It's wonderful that there is someone doing these activities in this way. I am sure a lot of beings send positive energy to each other (and receive from each other). I appreciate your way very much. This month hopeful signs came to me in the field of love and prosperity. In the here and now I have to make discisions and that is for me a vague area. So I welcome to be in here and now. It's a kind of escape amd refuge. Thak you Rebbie. I hope you will find the time and energy to continue with this kind of healing.

  20. Hi Rebbie,
    Not sure if this has worked or not. I have been doing alot of Avatar work these last 2 months. Or maybe it has – since I have cleared out some very limited beliefs and got rid of a crap load of fixed attention. So thanks for guiding me to what I needed to let go of. The biggie I was holding onto was not want money to exist! Let me tell you now how that canoe exercise feels!!HEHE And I just bought a car. Thank you so very much for the positive energy being sent my way.

  21. Dear Rebbie:
    Thank you for your generous gift of realignment. For the past few years I have felt out of alignment, and have struggled to correct this. With your help I am now feeling physically and mentally lighter, less frustrated, and better able to cope with the many changes and challenges life delivers.
    Thanks again for your gift of light and love, and know that it is appreciated and reciprocated. Please post this response with my name if you wish. Warmest regards, Marie Osborne

  22. Rebbie:

    Thank you for the sessions during the month of January. As the feeling of needing to control all aspects of my life left, the phrase, "It's going to be okay….", constantly was in my mind. I have never felt so peaceful as I do now and I really should feel the opposite. I have faith that full abundance and prosperity are just around the corner and I will realize my dreams very soon. Thank you for the sessions!


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