Abraham-Hicks 68 Seconds and Segment Intending

Abraham-Hicks tells us that 68 seconds of pure thought is enough to launch a creation.  I invite you to get much more deliberate about your placement of your 68-second processes.  Ponder your subject as if it already were the way you want it to be and feel the sweetness of its fulfillment.

One for Each Segment

If you insert one 68-second segment in between each of the segments of your day, you can increase your efficiency, joy, and satisfaction.

I'll show you how…

Example #1: Work Segment

I am about to sit down at the computer to do some work.

I do 68 seconds about my enthusiasm about my project and the usefulness of its completion.

Example #2: Time for Lunch

I do 68 seconds about my gratitude for the beautiful nutritious food produced lovingly by mother earth. And about how this vibrant food transforms into a beautiful powerful body as it becomes part of me.

Example # 3: Practicing the Piano

I do 68 seconds about how much I love the sound of the chords and how good my fingers feel as they fly knowingly across the keys, always landing securely, accurately and creating beautiful music.

Get the idea?

Law of Attraction reads these signals loud and clear.

To help you focus for 68 seconds I have uploaded 2 video timers.  You may want to turn off the volume so the sound does not distract you.

Video Time #1 – Water (above)

Video Timer #2 Sea Gulls in slow motion


With Love,

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  2. Dear Rebbie, Thank you so much for this very simple, yet very useful tool to assist with 68 second intending. Wow! Something so simple, yet so powerful! Thank you for all that you do, always. Many Blessings to you. Carol

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