Abraham-Hicks: Alignment and Co-Creation


Abraham tells us that everything contains what is wanted and lack of it.

==>> Everything! 

Wait a minute. Even this?  (Fill in your most uncomfortable situation.)

==>> Yeah. Even this.

I'm reminded of the feeling of the timing involved in going through a revolving door…with a great big backpack on. 

Or jumping into double dutch jump ropes (I really wonder how these sensory memories come up from my childhood when I sit down to write to you in these articles.)

It's this sense of perfect timing that moves in rhythm with what is already in motion.  And we jump in and become one with the wave.  That sensation of belonging, of being part of the dynamic creative life force that includes the genius and brilliance of others – that is an enormous joy.  I've had that feeling of blissful cocreating with others more than a few times in my life and there are very few things that can even come close to that experience of uplift.

And it moves to a rhythm.  And when you get in that groove, you slide effortlessly into uplifting relationships with others. And every time the jump rope hits the pavement (hey, I grew up in Queens) or the physical manifestation sounds the rhythm of your cocreation, you feel it through your whole being.

Abraham talks about coming into alignment and then co-creating with others.  Let's look for a minute at the very deliberate order of this.

"It is easier, really, to come into alignment by withdrawing from others."  These Abraham words ring loud and clear to my hermitish personality and lifestyle.  And I express this quite literally on a regular basis.  The YOFA® system begins with withdrawal (in the yogic sense of pratyahara) for the purpose of alignment.

While practicing the YOFA® inner alignment exercises, you are quite removed from the things in your life that might cause you to tense up, resist, or "paddle upstream." They might be sitting right beside you (piles of papers, email, grouchy spouse, no spouse, etc), but while you practice your inner alignment, you are so deeply concentrated on your process that those annoyances fade from your awareness.

Unlike mere distractions, these exercises build stability and strength in the energetic field that you call you.  This field is really a vortex and the more you do the exercises, the more this sacred vortex develops integrity as an energy structure. 

With time and practice, you can allow more life force, more joy, more Divine Love, to flow through you.  You become a great big instrument of Light and Love walking around your neighborhood, spinning with others through revolving doors, playing jump rope with your daily challenges, or doing whatever you do however you do it. 

After 5, 10, maybe 20 minutes of inner alignment meditation, then what? Time to take your finely tuned energy field out for a spin. Go to the most crowded, busy street in your town or city.  Mix it up.  Talk to strangers. Pick up litter (that's one of my favorites). Do whatever you feel inspired to do.  Follow your heart and see where it leads you.  (Your alignment always leads you to love.)

You can begin a practice of Inner Alignment meditation with the exercises in the book Rooted in the Infinite

8 thoughts on “Abraham-Hicks: Alignment and Co-Creation

  1. Yes, I am in total agreement. When we push aside that alignment time, there is a feeling of paddling upstream. Having good intentions about meditation and the benefits I know full well, work to open the space and allow you to be in touch with source. I make excuses, no time, distractions and on on… Detaching first makes much sense, I have done this in the past, much to the dismay of family members. Thanks so much for the reminder.

  2. thank you for the inspiration…i am in-joying being in the flow of love & peace with like minded beings

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  4. Abraham, via the instrument, is always a source of inspiration, opening up new avenues in my expression. Thank you!!!

  5. Rebbie,

    Your powerful words stopped me in my tracks and made me sit up and take notice…especially the following:

    "perfect timing that moves in rhythm with what is already in motion"

    It gave me comfort and a sense of enpowerment to read these words as you have nudged me to the awareness that its all waiting (my lover, my new business, abundance ALL OF IT) for me to get into the rythym, the vibration of it and then into my experience. The struggle, the resistance has eased; I am different now!

    You are such a treasure, THANKS FROM THE TOTAL ME!!!


  6. Thanks for this reminder. It's something i sort of always automatically practiced when i was feeling a bit overwhelmed. A sort of retreating to recharge, rest up etc. In recent years however, i have not been taking the time to do this for myself and have just continued to push forward however unbalanced and out of alignement and exhuasted i may be. I definitely needed to go "Oh yeah, THAT's right. THAT's what i need to be doing to feel better about everythingl." Thanks, Rebbie

  7. I feel inspired with love and light within me and around me from letting go, then reaping the rewards of the consequences to which, leaves me empowerment which I use each day in order to be energised at every level, with this inspiration I know and allow great things and events to evolve and unfold within my life, thank you.

  8. Hi Reb,
    Thank you for the inspirational words. I also want to blow the moon off of my hand.

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