Abraham-Hicks on Aging

Just yesterday a friend said to me something like, "Do you even listen to Abraham?"  I was going on about some out-of-the-vortex subject and I got caught!  And yes, I have been listening to Abraham.  In fact, I've been listening for so long that since I first met Abraham my hair has had a chance to go from almost black to almost white and back again (a modern miracle!) In this video, Abraham brings forward a most important distinction between the aging that occurs by simply moving through time vs. the decline we think is inevitable. Happy aging!

8 thoughts on “Abraham-Hicks on Aging

  1. This affirms what I've been feeling . . . as I haven't been feeling older! I've been wondering why other people feel older and I don't! 🙂

  2. The words of truth via Abraham …
    How true these words ring in my ears and heart. Thank you for sending this archive. Amazing how we can can be pulled into this way of living instead of via the media and news.. Lovin it!
    Now 58 ..my birthday was in January, and fit and frisky I realize how and why I am full of youth and joy.

    Isn't this life so glorious.

    Happiest of days to you Yofa.

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