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Happy New Year my friends.

I want to talk to you today about all those very powerful desires that you may be formulating right now.

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Are you creating a list of resolutions, goals or intentions for the New Year?  I love doing that because this shifting of the calendar gives us an amplified feeling of a clean slate.  And a clean slate brings with it a feeling that anything is possible.  So we feel empowered as we look at desires that we may even have become very frustrated about in the past.  And now, with the New Year we have a renewed sense of possibility.  A rising of a feeling of empowerment and freedom to live the life your heart desires.

I was just listening to an Abraham CD and I want to share with you a perspective that dovetails perfectly with this energy of the New Year.

"When we speak of your past present and future, we acknowledge that during your past and even your present you are launching vibrational requests forward into your vibrational reality… What you call your future manifested reality is what we see as your present vibrational reality."

From the teachings of Abraham www.abraham-hicks.com

And so as we celebrate this landmark in time, and we look at the past year as the past and the new year as the future and we see our desires and goals as incomplete in the now and hopefully fulfilled in the future, we are not taking the Vortex into account.

My suggestion to you as you engage in this fun ritual of prepaving the New Year is to include your awareness of The Vortex. It's really just a simple flip of a switch.

Instead of seeing the items on your list as things you want to manifest as future realities, acknowledge them as your present vibrational reality.

Then you can resolve all your resolutions into one simple aim:  to be become a vibrational match to the you who lives in your Vortex.

Happy 2010!

With Love,

6 thoughts on “Abraham-Hicks Study Group: The Vortex – Happy New Year!

  1. I am experiencing the rush of knowing "I created this!" and I know that more and more of this wonderful feeling is in my vortex as I align with more and more of myself.

  2. this is really awesome, I have read Ask and It Is Given and am now reading Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting and this prepaving is at exactly the same chaper I am reading. I will be ordering The Vortex today.

  3. Happy New Year everybody (it's blue moon and lunar eclipse Dec 31)
    I always wondered why i've had the same goals for decades and nothing seemingly happened, i mean i wished hard enough and tried hard enough. Gak… That must mean my vortex is full of all this stuff waiting for me then.
    Thanks so much for the reminder to go in the Vortex and feel my "have wanted this forever list" as a reality…
    I actually did this with my birds when one was sick Oct-Nov and i left them both at the vets and was thoroughly freaked out to be alone at home without them, then i thought, ya, tune into them, and go into the Vortex, and hang out with them there, all of us happy and well together.. and then i'd calm down.. The vet said 'amazing recovery!' 🙂
    So now what… the weight thing, the money thing, the doing art thing, bla bla bla.. oh i see it now… go into the Vortex and hang out with all the stuff i ever wanted.. ooooh.. okay…. feeling it…experiencing it… I gotta practice!! what a new experience… startling! (my conscious logical mind still doesn't grasp it, but at some level i am going aha!)
    Okay i admit, being this happy daily is still surprising to me 🙂 ya, more practice indeedy! xo 🙂 h

  4. Today I see my son employed gainfully in the field for which he has devotedly prepared him self for 5 yrs. I see my daughter working towards a degree in the field of her choice and my baby enjoying and taking advantage of all the instruction in the last year and a half at his new "green" school. I see my self achieving a doctorate in the discipline I love. I am enjoying the thrill of that long awaited cruise. I enjoy the love and harmony of my additional family and my family I have known all my days. I look forward that thereality of attending and enjoying in person an Abraham Hicks session.All my desires , the Vortex held are now one and the same as my present reality.

  5. I was searching for the very phrase that you you have here. I had about ten or twelve not quite right, definitely not complete, new years resolutions. but the phrase "to be become a vibrational match to the [me] who lives in [my] Vortex" puts all the loose ends and not completely worded ideas into action that needs nothing else- simple and eloquent all at once.

    Thanks I really needed this!

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