Abraham-Hicks Study Group: The Vortex – Appreciating the Contrast – Part 2




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Appreciating the contrast – That's where we left off.

Let's pick it up right there. 

I invite you to take a look at The Vortex, page 4, paragraphs 3 & 4.

Abraham is telling us that contrast is really variety.  So there we are.  We look around and we see things that are wanted and things that are unwanted.  Usually, the next thing we do is get focused on eliminating the unwanted thing.  Do you see that that comes form a place of disempowerment?  Now, we can start to see that same unwanted thing as merely a choice that we don't take. And then we can get going on the joyful focus on (and creation of) what is wanted.

When we see the contrast as variety, and when we understand that we choose with our attention, we start to step more fully into freedom.

"…all choices are made by giving attention to something." Page 4 The Vortex

That means that every time we pay attention to something unwanted, we are choosing it.

Well, if you didn't understand about Law of Attraction, that might seem like an outrageous statement.  But when you know that your thoughts are always attracting more thoughts that are like it, and when you understand that thoughts come together to form lived realities, it all starts to make sense.

So let's put this together with the last focus.

  • We came in with the intention to enjoy every moment.
  • When we lose touch with that enjoyment, it is a sign that we have forgotten who we are.  (And some of you have acknowledged that by simply observing that, you are able to tap back into an awareness of your innate empowerment and freedom – Thank you for your comments).

Now we are going one step further.  Now we see that your power is in your ability to deliberately place your attention.  This is how you make your choices.  It is elegantly simple. And not only that, but:

  • You are the only one who can do it (deliberately place your attention). 
  • It costs nothing to do it (to choose your focus). 
  • It can completely transform your life (deliberately placing your attention).

Negative Emotion

So, picking up from last time, when you find yourself upset about something, resistant, negatively focused, call it whatever you like, basically, when you are experiencing negative emotion in reaction to a person, a situation, a condition, now you realize that you are feeling powerless.  That's what feels so bad. Feeling powerless feels bad because it is not who you are.  You feel as though this troublesome person or thing or situation has more power in the unfolding of your life than you do.

Positive Emotion

Now, with this clear revelation, we're getting a big clue about where your power actually resides.  It is in the simple ability to choose your focus.  To deliberately place your attention. And when your (human) attention is in harmony with the attention of your Inner Being, the result is a feeling of positive emotion. (That is your emotional guidance system.)

Rooted in the Infinite by Rebbie StraubingIn an earlier post I told you that I would occasionally point out where all this talk about The Vortex dovetails with The Yoga of Alignment (YOFA). If you are working with Rooted in the Infinite, you'll easily see that this deliberate placing of attention is a function of the Z-axis.  You may find places in Rooted… where I talk about ping-pong balls, movie projectors, and a cascade of neutralization.  These are all ways of picturing what's going on invisibly as you deliberately select your focus.

Try This

Let's take our last experiment a little further.  When you've got something going on that you do not want, first watch your reaction.  Remember that it's telling you very clearly whether you are looking at the situation from a perspective that is in harmony with your Inner Being or not.

If there is upset with someone, or something, or some group of people, or some condition, look at how you can, right in that moment, change your focus.

This is the beginning of one of the most powerful realizations. Here, our eyes become open to the knowing that can completely transform our lives. This is the shocking realization that it is not the person or the situation that is the real cause of our upset.  And this is good news because if they were really the cause of our problems, we would really be powerless (because we cannot control them).

And  now we find out that it is our own choice of where we put our attention that is the cause of our emotional state. And now we are free because that is the only thing we can control. When you get this, angels sing, flowers bloom, rainbows fill the sky.  It's quite a moment.

Until the next…

With Love,

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11 thoughts on “Abraham-Hicks Study Group: The Vortex – Appreciating the Contrast – Part 2

  1. This realization (regarding the choice of focus) is a powerful transformation indeed!! Now I notice it in peace and acceptance with the knowing that this moment has infinite potential and all i have to do is focus on what i do want and ride the wave of expansion. Delicious!!! In gratitude to Abraham-Hicks and Rebbie!


  2. I can CHOOSE to see things differently. I can CHOOSE to focus on what I want,what makes me happy & joyful!
    Simple, not always that easy, but gets easier with practice. So empowering! Thanks Abraham & Rebbie!
    I love to keep hearing this message, to keep reinforcing it within me.

  3. Last week I was looking for quartz clusters on eBay and on a whim, opened a Favorite Seller's site. He'd had no items surface [via my eBay search]. He had five listed site incl. a near-identical cluster to one I bought in 1996 [that one, uh, walked away – in someone's backpack in 2001]. So I've been looking for another – that type, size, quality – this is the closest to that I've seen.

    I put it on eBay watch, checking often to see if others were bidding it out of my reach. NO other bids came in!

    Two hours before auction ended I set a maximum bid high enough to, if outbid, ensure a value-for-value sale for all. I knew its value and I knew this seller mines his own. So for two hours the enlarged pic of that cluster sat on my screen. I'd focus on it with, Come to Mama… Giggling, thinking of The Vortex. As of this morning it adorns my piano, as exquisite as expected. Mine was the only bid so I got it for bottom-line price. Sweet…

  4. What power in such simplicity – the power of the present moment – and the fact that we have choice.

    Thanks Rebbie for highlighting and reminding me of the simple basics

  5. Seth said it, "The point of power is always now," the only place where you can "create," use your thought power. All the esoteric teachings say it. But what happens when, even though you know it, you still lose yourself "out of the moment" and create by default or via a stream of disharmonious thoughts? It's a question for the ages, and for the present; and being solely in charge of the process is frustrating, fascinating, and enlightening.

  6. I love Abraham. Yes, the power of our past, present and future is in the now! Simple and powerful. My challenge is to maintain my focus in the now and find that positive thought instead of "telling it like it is."

  7. This week I witnessed myself in contrast and enjoying being able to use the tool of FOCUS on what I was wanting. I was able to remember to welcome this contrast. I experienced so much JOY from this. It is in remembering and knowing.

  8. I think practicing the Rooted exercises for a month and even the lastest jhe session and the paragraph explaining the z axis/focus connection helped me to increase my z axis focus…and the Vortexical concept of contrast not being out to GET me has started to melt a little in my brain(in a good way).. Today in my yoga class I started to find myself feeling annoyed w some of the classmates at various times and ..at first it was hard to release that rush of ..i dont know..fake power/connection/identity that i feel when i focus and get annoyed and then angry and grumpy..but ..with almost no effort and a little focus on my focus ..I shifted my attention to something/someone that was a bit pleasing..and then more pleasing things found me..I wondered if my old irritable self would pounce in…i hope i am having more than beginner's luck :):)..hard to not get a little scared/awed to think how great life could be if I could keep this up!!

  9. I also wanted to add that ..remembering to appreciate the contrast..almost allowed me to let go of my mind..and to allow me to allow almost a powerful WAVE that gave me momentum to locate something pleasing..

  10. (back again)..I mean..for once in a row I didnt feel that bitter "oh yeah, bring it on ..fight. fight. annoyed what's wrong now feeling" when my guidance system started fizzing when I remembered that I/ME /MOI chose to enter a world with contrast…and to use that tool to challenge myself/use willpower to re focus and go to even greater places with better opportunities…

  11. what happens when you are faced with a situation (lets say negative) and action is required on your part. Example… someone accessing your bank account without your knowledge or permission. What would be the thought process to begin thinking and then what would the action be? Just curious about how the Law of Attraction in action would work.

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