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In the last focus, I asked you to consider Page 3 para. 3. of The Vortex by Esther and Jerry Hicks (The Teachings of Abraham)

I think I already mentioned we'd be going through this slowly, right?

Good, because now we move on to paragraph 4.

In respect for the copyright of this book, I will be using page and paragraph references most of the time, rather than direct quotes. I know this is less convenient, but while you have the book open, you can also get more context, read the surrounding ideas, and scribble in the margins to your heart's content.


Ok, so last time we pondered the notion of going from enjoyment to enjoyment. We considered the idea of having set a pre-birth intention to enjoy every moment.

Now let's go a little further.

Please read the paragraph that begins with, "Before your birth into your physical body…" P3 p4


Now, let's talk a little bit about contrast.  Abraham often asks you if you have "come to appreciate the contrast of your time and place."  Here, on page 3 of The Vortex, we're finding out that our relationships with each other are the primary source of the contrast we live.  Interesting!  And yet we welcome it (from our non-physical perspective). We love it.  We can't get enough of it! 

So please consider this:

When you:

·    are harmonized with your broader knowing
·    feel empowered
·    don't feel like a victim of the contrast you are living

. . . you welcome the contrast.  You perceive the contrast as the birthplace of your expansion and your potential for joy.

Then, all these relationships that run hot and cold, with their highs and lows, and all the contrast we find with the people in our lives, it all becomes the raw material of joy. 

So, now it is apparent that the idea of setting a pre-birth intention of enjoying every moment has infinite potential.  But maybe not the way we thought at first.

Where we might have originally read that statement of an intention for continuous enjoyment and interpreted it to mean that life would be a series of enjoyable, pleasurable moments, we now see a completely different picture emerging. 

And what a relief! 

Because, if the fulfillment of our intention for enjoyment were dependent on conditions, we'd be in big trouble, fast.


But what a breath of fresh air it is to know that the contrast is welcome – that our enjoyment of the moment is not conditional – that we are in charge of our state, regardless of conditions.  Whew!  This is good news.

Well, maybe it's not news to you.  Maybe you've gone to seminars and read books and you've held this conscious idea for many years.  (Me too.) Good.  Now we can all deepen our living of this knowing, no matter what our relationship to this truth is at this moment – whether it's old news or new news.

Try This

So here is a little game you can play.  When you've got something going on that you do not want, watch your reaction.  It will tell you very clearly whether you are looking at the situation from a perspective that is in harmony with your Inner Being or not.

If there is upset with someone or something or some group of people, or some condition, all that means is that the feeling is one of disempowerment.  In that moment there is a feeling of being a victim.   At this point, so early in our journey together, let's feel the empowerment of simply noticing these moments as they happen. 

More to come…

With Love,

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6 thoughts on “Abraham-Hicks Study Group: The Vortex – Appreciating the Contrast

  1. What I'm interpreting from this is, when I'm centered with in myself, feeling empowered and compassionate, and appreciative of my own life, I don't pick up the way others are feeling, though I can relate to their struggles because of the experiences I've had before I learned to stay more grounded in my own sense of ballance and harmony.

  2. Good practice sessions, I have been noticing the empowerment over that past week, on different occassions. Definately the practice sessions help bring an awareness of the the empowerment.


  3. It's so true. I've been watching my reactions to situations. And I see how quickly I become disempowered and out of touch with my Inner Being or feel the victim role. But, as in physics, the observation alone is enough to change my consciousness toward harmony and empowerment.

  4. I just bought the book yesterday and am trying to understand and apply it to life. I have been getting upset mostly while driving–someone in front of me on the cell phone and driving below speed and not paying attention to driving, etc. I get angry, then apologize to the universe and try to calm down. I wasn't in the Vortex and wasn't appreciating the contrast.

  5. I,too, have been noticing that I am now"noticing" more often and before reacting, so I am empowered in that moment with the choice of how I want to respond. And I am "defaulting" more often to my pre-birth intention of wanting what feels better.

  6. I appreciate so much what people are posting on the blog. I have started to journal again. I am keeping a folder for ponderings on each day's blog that I don't yet feel I want to post here. Thank you for providing this spring board for my own thoughts. Thank you for this gift.

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