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 The new Abraham-Hicks book The Vortex offers a precise understanding that can dramatically improve our lives.  And it is simple:  We consciously decide to pay attention to the relationship between the two Vibrational vantage points within us.

Two Hums

Right inside of you, at all times, there is the hum of what you are thinking about:

  • your financial situation
  • or your partner (or the lack of…)
  • or your body
  • or your job
  • or your car
  • or your home
  • or your parents
  • or your children

. . . and there is also the hum of what your Inner Being is thinking about those same subjects.

When those two hums are harmonious like a choir, you feel good.

When those two hums are divergent, clashing, and sound like a radio pulling in two stations at the same time, one with your favorite song playing and the other with a negative news bulletin, you feel bad.

And so, this book points to a very clear priority for us.

Our job is to pay attention to how  we feel (easy!) and to take to heart the old Abraham-Hicks adage, "Nothing is more important than that I feel good."


Because when I feel good, I am in alignment with Source.  When I feel bad, I am not.

Live Call

I promised a live call for this study group and I'm really looking forward to connecting with you on the phone.

Study group members will automatically receive the dial-in details. No need to sign up again.

This call is free and open to anyone interested in this book. Simply join the study group.  You will get announcements when this study group section of the blog is updated and you will get invited to any future teleconferences.

What is the topic of the call?  You tell me.  Please leave a comment below.  What would you like to talk about when we meet on the phone?

With Love and Appreciation,

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6 thoughts on “Abraham-Hicks Study Group: The Vortex – Call in on Monday

  1. I’m about halfway through The Vortex. I've written so much in the margins; it's hard to pick out one question, or topic. One thing that particularly stands out is this statement on page 12. "By stepping back from the immediacy of your current experience and seeing the full spectrum of your physical human life experience in the way we present it here, you will gain a clear view of your life's purpose, and you will discover an immediate stable footing that will set you on your course for joy for the rest of this life experience."

    I have never thought to look at my life in toto the way this statement suggests. I can’t think of anything I’d love to know more than what it promises.

  2. I have embrassed what I understand to be the main thme in the book .. which is to feel good. Focus on what you want and the feeling of good ensures that you are in aligment. Got that.

    I don't think I totally understand the thought of contrast with others and how this fits in with the above thought.

    If we all ultimately come from one source, why is there contrast? Why / how does understanding the contrast help us? How does the contrast benefit us – it seems in our society the contrast is the source of many problems.

  3. We are not here to try to control others , we are here to become aware of what our thoughts and feelings are in relationship to what is going on around us and guide those thoughts by choosing better feeling thoughts and that is where our freedom, joy, upliftment reside and how we attract and create more of the same. It is where we expand and grow and where we can experience how grand life really is! Of course it takes practice but do it once and you are hooked and look forward to more and more contrast…REALLY!!!

  4. Yo ~ topic? how to get back in the vortex when i have been bumped out.. and i know i am out because i am crabby/cranky. How to shift from crabby/cranky to appreciating/happy. 🙂

  5. This is right up my street! Give me an example of a situation where you are crabby/cranky and I will give you ideas on how to move back to appreciating/happy!

  6. let's talk about the simple everyday things and laugh about how we trick ourselves into believing what we believe. Some examples: My mate believes that washing a cast iron fry pan ruins it. He is so happy to wipe it out and use it again. I believe I taste the rancid oil in the cooking.I don't like the greasy feeling when I pick up the pan to put it away. All is well as long as he doesn't cook for me! Or how about this one. I work out in the swimming pool and it feels WONDERFUL to move my somewhat stiff body in the supportive warm water. i am energized! I fall asleep and a few hours later I am awake and stiff and unable to find a comfortable position. I hear a voice in my head say, oh it is just the dampness of our fall weather that I am feeling. Hey that is what my parents generation said all the time. I never had the problem when I was young and I never THOUGHT I believed that dampness brings aches and pains!However, body must have indexed and stored this information for this NOW TIME as the experience is made manifest. If beliefs are just the thoughts we repeatedly think then, theoretically I can change this belief by thanking my body/my biology for giving me a WAKE UP CALL,right? And ALL IS WEll!

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