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The comments (your comments) on this blog are the heart of this discussion.  I've been enjoying sensing the high level of involvement in the book and the authenticity of the offerings of all of you who are part of this study group.

And so, of course I want to encourage the flow of your sharing as part of the joyful journey into, and back into, and back into The Vortex.

Here is a technical tuning I want to highlight today.

I received this email which told me that some clarification would be useful:

Hi Rebbie,
Thanks for starting the Votex group -love it!  Just some quick feedback – when i came to post my comment, I could only find one area to comment.  In a previous email, I thought you had created a section where we could share under different topics such as AHA, process etc, but i could only find a place to comment under the daily blog.  Maybe it's hard to set up, but that would make it easier to keep all comments about the same topics in one place.
Thank you again for creating this gigantic flow of positive transformative energy xxx

It's true, there is only one place to comment.  I was suggesting that you could make the first line of your comment a category if you like. That way readers can organize their reading of the comments in a way that suits their mood. Here were the suggested categories:

  • Question – This will be helpful to me so that I can scan through and get to questions as quickly as possible.
  • Aha – Good for sudden realizations.
  • Sharing – How it is working in your life.
  • Pondering – Think out "loud" as you process

Feel free to create your own category or to not use any.

With Love,

PS – I just left a comment on this post as an example.

3 thoughts on “Abraham-Hicks Study Group: The Vortex – Categories of Comments

  1. Answering a Question

    Hi Folks,
    This is an example of heading a comment with a "category." I used "Answering a Question" as my topic. You can use the ones mentioned above or make up your own – only if the spirit moves you.

    Love and Blessings,

  2. oct. 20
    Just found you on my podcasts on my I phone- THANK YOU
    for starting this abe study group. I just bought the Vortex book on line today from the abraham hicks site per your recomendation. It has been "calling " out to me for awhile now, but today is the beginning of my new life.
    I'm in the Vortex now as I write this, and I feel good.

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