Abraham-Hicks Study Group: The Vortex – Enjoying the Process


"The Vortex" by Esther and Jerry Hicks and Abraham


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How different would your life look if you went from enjoyment to enjoyment?

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 Today's focus may surprise you with its simplicity.  And yet it is at the basis of everything we are about to do. (Can you see how this is a hint about your Inner Guidance System?)

And have you been reading the comments? They are uplifting and filled with light and wisdom. Your "word snapshots" of your process carry us all forward. Thank you for such beautiful participation.

Here is a suggestion from Cathy that I want to highlight for those who might not be aware of this: 

I haven't received my book yet… it's on backorder from Hay House, but I thought I'd pass this on.  You can subscribe to Abraham-Hicks' Daily LOA Quote at the link below. The quotes are all from 'The Vortex,' I believe. So, in a way I've gotten started with my reading.


Yes, right now they are from "The Vortex" and what a great idea, especially for those who are eagerly waiting for the book!

With Love,

11 thoughts on “Abraham-Hicks Study Group: The Vortex – Enjoying the Process

  1. One way we all move from joy to joy is to carry something with us that we love or that is beautiful to us, whether it's a photo of or object from a loved one, and you can be the loved one. Crystals are great, one you picked out. But it could be anything you resonate with–something that will come up a hundred times in a day because it's in your pocket, the one you put your hand in, or in continuous time because it's in your heart. And every time you reference it whether intentionally or accidentally, suddenly you open up the whole awe with gratitude part of you, until it is underlying your whole fabric, or until you realize that in fact it IS underlying your whole fabric.

  2. Yes, and if that is our intention at our birth, how do we get so far from that? I agree, most all our actions are centered around trying to experience joy in some form, but how we struggle doing that!!! And the roundabout ways we go about that!!! Wouldn't it be wonderful if all our moments, or at least a majority of them, were joyful?
    How to transform those that aren't?? I hope this is what this book will show me.

  3. In those times when I have been able to move from enjoyment to more enjoyment, it feels delicious and free and fun and easy and I am aware of my choice/intention to have it be so…and then, an old pattern wants to creep in to tell me that this is frivolous, selfish, not contributing in any way and feelings of guilt even arise…interesting! Thank you, I love you.
    I have a dear friend who reminds me that it really is OK "to be Christ on vacation":)

  4. I have been a fan of Esther and Jerry Hicks/Abraham for many years. This relationship has accellerated positive aspects of my life in every area.
    I am delighted to participate with members in this study group.
    My book hasn't arrived as yet, but I am re-reading and savouring Money and the Law of Attraction.
    Blessings to everyone and I look forward to a wonder-filled experience.

  5. OMG – I have just clicked at a whole new level about what it means to "ride the crest of the wave", "to be on the leading edge of thought" and I just had to share it!!!

    On page 27 – section titled "Learning the Art of Allowing" – I was reading away when I felt my first urge to underline…."But if you continue to look back at events or circumstances or reasons that caused the expansion, you hold yourself in opposition to the very expansion. You disallow it – and then you feel bad".

    CLICK! What I got from this was a whole new experience of riding the wave – looking forward NEVER backwards unless it feels good. If you are riding the crest of the wave of your desires, you dont have time to look backwards at why someone upset you, because every single experience you are having is generating rockets of new desires and its going to take every ounce of your attention to keep up with them…that is what it means to be on the leading edge of thought WOW!!!!

    Loving this group Rebbie – thank you!

  6. An insight while counseling a caller years ago was "Lose the Fear. Bless the Gifts." We can't focus on fear while blessing our gifts. With another, I used the imagery of an old 45 record. On one side is intolerable noise – the other side holds exquisite music – soothing and calming. Which side we play is our choice – yes, we can flip it. I've found mundane images helpful when one mistrusts or disdains higher consciousness views [some do] so I apply this… "Go where they are and they'll meet you there."

  7. Briony, your insight reminds me of a quote – "If you keep hugging your past, you can't embrace your future/(the current moment)."

    Thank you for sharing.

    Yes, what a wonderful concept to enjoy and savour every moment and have gratitude for the experience. To see the joy in every moment and experience.

    This is where I am working on changing my focus – instead of getting down and dejected, feel joy – through awareness I am slowly but surely improving 🙂

  8. Yes. you can change your focus and it has immediate affect of bringing relief and great enjoyment. I've gotten very good at this. But still there is an underlieing question that keeps drawing my attention back, and untill my inner and our selves reach an understanding on that, the reality that its creating will be the physical reality I experience, even though I can 'feel' wealthy while living at below poverty level income. In other words, I can fiddle while Rome burns. Better than being frantic and in dispare while Rome burns, but Rome is burning never the less.

  9. I feel so good in knowing that we came here to enjoy the process.. the journey of loving, creating and learning.

  10. I love the focus of today, Rebbie. I believe that is where it truly starts, for if we can believe, really believe that it has always been our intention, and one blessed by God, to experience nothing but joy, we will knock down so many walls of resistance. I do believe that the source within me deserves to experience joy in every aspect of life. I have no right to not be the best and most joyful person I can be.
    Once again, thank you Rebbie for facilitating this study group, and thank you to all for adding comments, because with each one I read, it offers inspiration and feeling of connectedness with each of you.

  11. I have been looking at this material for several years now, and am still so soothed by Esther's voice. There is something for me in every question asked, and every answer given. When I remember my purpose in being here is to experience Joy, I am set right.

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