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In The Vortex, Abraham uncovers many of the flawed premises that we tend to live by.  These distort our sense of how to navigate through life and often lead us away from what our heart desires.

Flawed Premise #1 is on page 13 (paperback).  I invite you to contemplate this statement and it's relationship to your inner guidance.  In fact, you may read that first flawed premise and say, "Nope, not me, I don't have that one."

Before you completely dismiss this, consider how you can increase your awareness of your inner guidance by more fully correcting this belief.

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10 thoughts on “Abraham-Hicks Study Group: The Vortex – Flawed Premise #1

  1. Its taken me awhile but I now "know" that the physical part of me is an extension of the non-physical part of me. And, "knowing" the power of aligning me with ME fills me with JOy, Peace, and Love. My work for me now is to always seek alignment first, simple, but not always easy…which by the way "The Happy In the Vortex website is a great tool to get unstuck and pointing in the right direction to alignment.

  2. Hi Sylvia,
    I'm so glad that http://HappyintheVortex.com is working so well for you. It continues to practically work miracles for me, too. I find that my state shifts immediately when I use the site and some manifestation happens about a day later.
    With Love,

  3. Since my paperback's already gone to another I've no copy to re-view Flawed Premise #1. Kept the audio-book, sent one audio-book for a son's windshield moments as I wanted to ensure they'd review Vortex sooner vs. later.

    False Premise #1 is us as aspects of our Higher Selves? As one cell of a body? I'm reminded of how a liver cell differs from a heart cell, lung cell, etc. Each unique in appearance, function, each reliant upon a complement of remarkably diverse, equally unique cells. Lets me be exactly as I am w/o vexing over others' perceptions [of me]. I find that makes it easier to stay in The Vortex, expedites return to Vortex – when I momentarily forget.

    ~ S*

  4. Unfortunately, I don't have this book, tho I have all the rest of the Abraham books.So I'm guessing that flawed premise #1 is the idea that we are a part of a much bigger Higher Self that we are the servant of. Is what Abraham is saying now that we are perfect as we are and simply running the universal energy thru us? I'm also understanding that our beliefs about things, food, health, God, whatever, are structures that channel this energy and the more of those old structures we can release, the more energy gets freed up and the less resistence we feel to recieving the new things we are beginning to want with out the worry of how it will be brought about.

  5. I was listening to a seminar on my earphones at work today. The work aligns very closely with Abraham, as you will see. The anecdote was about a small boy who was expecting a sibling. The parents were concerned because he is a particularly active child. They were afraid he might treat the new baby more or less like a Frisbee. Until one day… They overheard their son talking to the baby softly and heard this…"Please, can you tell me about God? I'm beginning to forget." I, of course, started crying at my desk. I'm crying again as I write it now and it's the third time I've gone through it (wrote it again in my journal on the train on the way home). Re-reading entries like this in my journal make it so easy to reconnect when I feel flat, or not so hot. The tears just come, and I'm back.
    I have been aware of my other self/selves for a good many years. Now, though, I have a better understanding of how it works. I thank Abraham and others on the same path. It's great to have this venue to share this in freedom. Thank you

  6. My impression of this flawed premise: 'either physical or Non-physical' is that even though we are living life here on the physical plane, we still have a connection to the eternal spirit world also. We have emotions because we are sometimes caught between the physical and non-physical parts of ourselves. The non-physical (consciousness) part of us can be a guidance, while the physical part(action) is an 'expansion' or experiencing profound knowing. We are still connected to Source/spirit. I need to acknowledge that myself.

  7. Premise #1: I am either physical or non-physical, either dead or alive.

    I know this on so many levels, but I have to talk to myself about it constantly. When I start getting confused ,petty or annoyed, I try to pull myself back to 'myself'. I will talk to myself(not out-loud, in public, mind you, as that really annoys me when others do it!)and tell myself that there is a much bigger picture. This is my little world that I am creating here, it's my roll and I have all the power to make it right, and I have the 'rest of me', that being my non-physical to fall back on for support. I will often ask my inner being and source to back me up here, push me in a smarter direction and I try to tap into that higher power or guidance. But it's one of those things that I have to focus on at least a couple times a day when I am dealing with "reality".

  8. Mary, I put the sum of flawed premise #1 at the top of my comment below. Just scroll down a bit to jyllhyll.
    I just got the book this week, so mine is still in my grimey paws!

  9. Hey thanks Jyllhyll!I appreciate your taking the time to answer. I guess I've never thought much about being either dead or alive. I've always wondered how we would be able to tell the difference.So many accounts of the afterlife sound as though people often don't realize they died.We could be living in a virtual reality right now and not know it.And when one starts to look at the story lines other people are living [think conspiracy theories] it becomes clear quickly that their worlds are full of evil forces trying to dominate them. Then others live mystical lives full of natural beauty, oracals, passion and exuborence.So are we dead or alive? Who knows ? Does it matter as long as we can control our own focus? Blessings to you sister, and to all fellow adventurers into the Vortex…WHEEEE

  10. Jyllhyll @ 7:40 am
    Premise #1: I am either physical or non-physical, either dead or alive.

    Thanks Jyllhyll!!
    I too have bought most of the Abe books but find i hardly ever read them because i get the monthly cd's and i listened to those over and over and over again.

    re premise #1 – ha ha ha ha ha – only in the movies!

    I have had so many people die on me, i had to examine where they all go… later in life i realized as well, when i meditate, it is the same thing as dying= going over to the other side and exploring, then coming back.
    What really blew me away was when i heard on one of the Abe cd's – you are 99.999999etc non physical.. huh? what? just trying to imagine that was stretching my brain. So now when i feel crappy, annoyed etc etc i often will remind myself.. okay little me, let's talk to and focus as the big me… and i'd feel my energy expand, my body relax… sometimes this happens right away.. sometimes i just want to fight with how i feel, and justify my hurt and really agonize over the situation and feel doomed, like you know, really wallow in it.. but then at odd moments i will find i am laughing at myself even in the middle of my crisis.. sure is never a dull moment!

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