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Flawed Premise #2 is on page 15 of The Vortex.

(I'm giving page references rather than quoting everything here on the blog to respect the copyright of the book.)

I'd like to ask you to consider flawed premise #2, not only regarding your parents, but also regarding anyone else who you see as an authority figure.

How often do you give up authority to someone else?  How often do you assume someone else knows better than you what is good for you?

And since we all do this to one degree or another, what can you do, or what are you doing, to reinstate your inner guidance as the primary authority in your life?

I invite you to contemplate this last question. What can you do in your life to highlight your inner guidance and your relationship to it?

Looking forward to your insights. . .

With Love,

One thought on “Abraham-Hicks Study Group: The Vortex – Flawed Premise #2

  1. Wow – I am so impressed with today's question about giving our power away and the law of attraction. I had NOT open my email yet, but had turned to a couple of friends and my mom, whom I live with, and said, "You know what? I'm really bright and am NOT going to give my power away for just today. I can put the cable box together. My brothers (the experts usually screw it up but I let them do it to please mom) and then it takes me 3 weeks to fix the computer. Give my power away, use to do that all the time with family, especially and I quit. I made a decision to listen to my inner voice and handle my problems because I am intelligent and good at what I do. Only time I think I can't is when I spend too much time with those people I think of as authoritive or I want to 'please'. thank Claire

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