Abraham-Hicks Study Group: The Vortex – Jerry's Preface/Stable Footing/Your Intention

Focus: Pages xi-xvii Preface by Jerry Hicks

Jerry describes the "hub" of the Abraham teachings as follows:

"The basis of life is freedom; the result of life is expansion–and the purpose of life is joy."

We interrupt this broadcast…

Well, I wrote that yesterday in preparation for this post, but as life would have it, some blessed contrast caught my attention between then and now.  So, with Jerry's quote as a backdrop, let me tell you what just happened.

I was riding in my friend's car, "The Vortex" and pencil in hand, re-reading chapter one.  Basking in the wonderful feeling of our upcoming study group, appreciating the pull to read even more carefully because of my role in all this, I was marking up a storm in the book.

Beautiful day, we stopped, I got out of the car, lost my footing, injured my ankle and was now back in the car seat, ice, moans, groans, and having a harder time finding my way back into The Vortex.

Once the pain came down to a dull roar, I picked up my book again.  "Hmm. Where was I? Let me start reading again to remind myself what's important here."

I found the last line that I had read and underlined.  There it was on page 9. – Oh by the way, although I probably will not get around to posting this today, today's date is 09/09/09:

"Without exception, the flawed premise or unstable footing that most people stand on is because they care more about what someone else is thinking about them than how they themselves are feeling." – from The Vortex – Abraham-Hicks

Well, there was my first big "step one experience" to "kick" off our group with a bang.  Now I am excited.  Better understanding what "unstable footing" really means, I can see I've got my work cut out for me. I call it "work" but it is thrilling to anticipate the journey of caring less what others think and tuning more into how I feel.

So let's begin with these two notions:

  1. "The basis of life is freedom; the result of life is expansion–and the purpose of life is joy."
  2. "Without exception,the flawed premise or unstable footing that most people stand on is because they care more about what someone else is thinking about them than how they themselves are feeling."

Those who want to be actively involved in this group, please do 2 things right now:

  1. Since there are so many people interested in this group, please register here so that I can communicate with you more easily:
  2. Start getting your hands in the clay and comment below.  Make a rough statement of your intention.

    The focus offered in this book can generate a complete transformation in your life.

    Start pondering these 2 quotes (above) and write your thoughts in the comment field below.  Since this is a process, your comment does not need to be a finely crafted purpose statement for your life.  Write down a "work in progress" rough sketch of your intention in reading this book and in intensifying your reading by joining in this group. Make it as general or specific as you like. You can and will continually amend your intention.

    By writing, you sharpen your focus and tune your point of attraction. 

    You also heighten your inner guidance. Pay special attention to how you feel as you write. I love when something I think is true for me feels wrong when I write it. It gives me clarity about a place where I am off track and I can look more purely into my heart for what my true desire is. This is a great way to more finely tune in to your Inner Guidance.

As always, I am deeply honored that you join me on this journey.

With Love,

30 thoughts on “Abraham-Hicks Study Group: The Vortex – Jerry's Preface/Stable Footing/Your Intention

  1. Hi, I'm excited to be a part of this study group. I have ordered the book, and it is expected to be in my Monday. I see a very large value in study groups such as this.
    1. By phrasing my feelings into words, it helps my get a greater understanding of my own feelings.
    2. Hearing different points of views and life experiences enhances understanding.
    and ofcourse:
    3. A group of like minded people focusing on a self and positive momentum can have absolutely miraculous results.
    I am looking forward to getting to know all of you through this journey.

  2. Hello

    I am reading the book and it is wonderful and inspiring.I realize that it is so important to be authentic in life. That feels like freedom. When you feel freedom along with that comes expansion which adds to the feeling of liberation from all the old belief systems.And there in lies the joy ! Is is not about anyone else its all about you.

  3. I totally lost my cool (footing) with a very needy friend of mine today- after she woke me up at midnight to aprise me of an inconsequential incident – apologized for waking me up and then continued to discuss some other inconseqential minutae – all this in the wake of listening to the Vortex CD. All my remonstrations about how I wanted to us to feel good and not listen to her litany of negativity has fallen on deaf ears. I see this as a challenge in my life to not allow myself to be drawn into the frequency of another and be vigilant and remeber to honor and cherish this wonderful path

  4. Hi.
    Well, my intention by reading this book and participating in this group is improving my relationships, meet my ideal mate and have better relationships in general.
    I love the first quote, I've been reading Abe a lot and I love that tryad of intentions: freedom, joy and growth. We tend to focus too much on the growth part but they all are important.
    About the second quote, well, I have improved in not caring about what others think to some point, but there's room for improvement still hehe For example, today I told a friend a coworker cheats on his wife, and my friend got furious. I have to admit some years ago I would have judged him, think he was acting wrong, but I've learned to accept some things I previously didn't accept. And I don't know the whole story. But when it's something that has to do directly with me…it gets hard not to judge.
    Have a great day everyone
    Kind regards


  5. Hello Everyone,

    I am so grateful to be part of this group, thank you Rebbie for all that you do. I received my book in the mail today and am looking forward to reading and the delicious journey with like minded beings.

    There is much love here for you,

  6. My intention is to stay on track with my art, teaching, my purpose and not get caught up in too many "what if's"… but rather be more in the present, enjoying what I am doing, (or just being 🙂 Focus on what is actually true.. be more heart centered than in my head (over analyzing). Be open. Do that which I love to do!
    thanks for having this group.

  7. aha – my touchstones…

    "if you're not having fun, what are you doing?"

    "who gives a flip what you think…?"

  8. well I am ready to start a new life and for the last year I have been in the baby steps towards that .. now I am ready to step it up and kick it up !!!! So to the world that doesnt like me .. its on you and I have no time for it .. to those who love me .. well i can understand why .. I am a wonderful person and extremely blessed by loving grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins who adored me so much they gave me great morals to start with .. too bad i let the negative people win over that .. but no more .. time is now for me to shine like they knew I could and here I am world .. its me and I am wonderful !!!!!!!!!

  9. My intention is to feel better and better and have more fun in my life. I want to expand my expectations and really focus on how I feel and working some "bugs" out with focus wheels and other processes. I have been a "pleaser" for most of my life and it is taking a lot of focus to think first about what I want based on how I feel than what someone else wants from me. I know that I operate on many false premises and am looking forward to changing those beliefs.
    Reading how others feel this book is helpful to me in that it gives me a larger buffet to choose from and a jumping off place with new ideas.

  10. My intention with reading the book is to be able to come from a space of love when meeting people, seeing them for the individual that they are whilst being true to myself.

    I enjoy both quotes – we are the ones who imprison ourselves with our thoughts and limit our expansion and joy. We have the power to change this.

    The 2nd quote resonates strongly with me with where I am as there is always this concern holding me back of "what will everyone else think of me", when in essence they are probably thinking more of what everyone else is thinking of them and not of what I'm doing 🙂

    I am working on adapting the belief of "What other people do or say is their stuff; how we react or not, is our stuff."

    I am looking forward to working and learning with a positive and like minded group.



  11. My hope is to rediscover some enthusiasm in my life, move away from feeling so stuck! What opportunities or potential exist now in my life that I am not seeing?

    Thank you for having this group.

  12. Freedom, expansion, joy. All things I am grateful for in my life and that I look forward to having increase with the study of The Vortex.

    Rebbie, you are the third person this week to injure a foot or ankle that I know. Hmmmmm… Paradigm shift ascending?

  13. It's a wondrous thing to be reminded of the simplicity and universality of living a spiritual life. I get caught up in those aspects of life that take me away from that and I begin to lose my way. Many opportunities are opening for me now and this group may well keep me facing the direction of my intuition, loves and truth.


  14. After 34 years of marriage, my intention is to learn to take complete responsibility for my connection–to stop looking to him to make me feel good. To allow him to have his moods without taking it personally as a rejection.

  15. My intention, at least for now, is to get a clear, more than just intellectual, understanding of how this money thing works. Do others decide what my work is worth before I make any money? I can decide my work is very valuable, but if no ones interested, how can I make a living? Mothers and homemakers and teachers do some of the most valuable work in the world, yet they will never get rich, no matter how passionet they are about their 'work'. Sports figures and CEO's make millions. So it seems how much money we attract has a lot to do with how others value our contributions.
    I've studied the Abraham material for years but have never felt settled with their answers concerning how the rich get richer without exploiting low paid workers and our shared environment.I've also noticed that many wealthy people are the most ' afraid of lack'people there are. They think paying taxes to help others via a social safty net is government sponsored 'stealing'.

  16. My intention is more freedom, more expansion, more joy.
    The study group is a great opportunity to keep me on track, to share with others the journey.
    Thank you Rebbie for this.
    I do not have the book yet, but cannot wait to start reading!

  17. Hi everyone!
    Thanks again Rebbie for all you do!
    My intention is to learn how to stop judging myself and others so constantly and so unconsciously and just allow myself and others the room to grow, and accept what is. (Might as well love it like it is and rock on…!)

  18. I am looking for like minded folks. Since I moved here 15 years ago I have not found a community of souls. In some ways I have back slid in spitiual connectiveness but I have learned many valuable lessons too. I firmly believe one's mission is always clear and the path to accomplish it is clear..it is my own foogy lenses and stopped ears that refuse to see and hear with clarity. So the mission remains…and somehow adjusts itself to whatever detours we take and re-maps and ever-adapting clear path to itself. My biggest block is fear … fi-nancial but also an insidious exhausting persistent whispering that says ..they will discover you are a fraud… or a persistent gnawing that I am fooling myself into thinking I am in alignment and on track. I wish there was a little 'shock' every time one strays from one's mission/joy/connection..just a little reminder, a little clue to let you know when you are on track and when you are not… Something to let you know with certaintly that you are walking in the light or on the path or whatever you wnat to all it… Then you could have freedom of choice because you would know which choice is which.. I am rambl;ing…I guess what I am saying is that having a community may help me to feel/perceive the way more clearly.

  19. HI







  20. Greetings fellow sojourners,

    I'm so looking forward the the fellowship and privilege of joining this group. My intention is to get in alignment,to get really, really clear on what my true purpose is. Second, although maybe even more important, is how to stop being so self critical, turn off those harsh voices and lose the limiting beliefs from the past that I know are keeping me "stuck". I'm forgiving and compassionate to others yet find it difficult to give myself the same.
    I've read many of the Abraham-Hicks books, love them, but having a hard time implementing it all into my life. I know being part of this group is going to be a big help!

    One of my favorite quotes from the Vortex is "A belief is just a thought that you keep thinking". aaahhhh…the key to change:)

    Blessings to all,

  21. My intention is E X P A N S I O N !

    On every level — In all dimensions

    No Fear — Only Love


  22. My intention with this book is to always be connected with Source. (I am NOW) To always be aware of being in the joy of Source. I intend to let others express themselves as they are, and see them as Source as well. I intend to see Source everywhere and focus on love, joy, beauty, and peace that is all around me all-ways.
    I intend on expressing appreciation for ALL, for everything is contributing to our expansion.

    Thank you for putting this group together.



  23. Hi Mary,

    I think the key is believing what you think. If you only observe high profile types as being rich vs. low paid workers being poor than so it is. I really like Stuart Wilde's explaination of turning the hazy wave into dollars in the bank account. There are so many ways of having wealth and feeling wealthy and abundant that we have barely scratched the surface of glimpsing what they are. Every time i ask for more money I think I know some limit of how that money will come to me. I catch the limited thinking and decide to let it go! Indeed leave out the dollars in the equation. You have heard this advice before. It works for me now as i stopped quantifying every hour i work and drive to get there and started finding all the great things I like about what I am doing. next i stay open and expect surprises. Ex: during the first 6 wks as a new CNA for hospice i was filling in and the schedule wasn't what i signed up for. Basically putting in many extra unpaid hours driving to and from visits. I let that thinking go because in the past it never helped. i have the choice to work with people I love being around and interacting with or not. How is it going? After 6 weeks, i now have just right number of people to provide service to, close to my home and still enjoy my life.I never talked to management, yet i did do a lot of life scripting and writing about the way i wished for things to go. The bonus was that our staff was treated (the family of a former client) to an expensive fly in trip to a remote fishing lodge and served a delicous wild foods dinner! That was a RiCH experience I would not have gifted myself to! I have many examples of leaving it up to the manager and finding that indeed if I let in more comes to me. It is my fondest wish for you to have the same confidence in your ability to be affluent and enjoy rich experiences and a trouble free life too!

  24. My intention is to expand into Joy, Love, and Abundance; to reconnect strongly with Source (and with others on the path who are sharing this journey); and to remember who I AM and why I AM here.

    I'd lost my footing this week and actually had trouble walking until I realized where the message was coming from and what it was: I have to stay focused on my own path and walk my own walk—even while having to devote much caretaking to others—and take care of my own needs calling out to me or I will stumble and fall.

    Also, while working with my healer, the phrase "getting off track" came up this week, so that, too, reminds me that I have lost my footing spiritually a bit and have to not let the judgments of others, or even my own judgments, lead me astray, that I have to reset my feet, and my intentions, upon the Path.

  25. Hi Ila May, Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments to my post. I can see I need to clarify some things. Personally, I love my life, I'm often gifted with wonderful things,I consider myself one of the happiest people I know, I don't force my emotions to be one way or the other, I feel blessed and succesful and rich in all ways truely important. The only thing that"s lacking is the actual momey to pay basic bills.I'm self employed as a massage therapist, and you'd think with the stress levels being what they are for so many people, that I'd be busy all the time, but business had dropped off considerably in the last few years.I've been doing this for over 25 years. I understand what you're saying about beliefs. I am living what I'm observing in my own life, and I do know that not all wealthy people are lack minded.There is a gap here between my personal experience and what I'm seeing 'out there'in mass consciousness. And since very little money is flowing into my personal experience, I'm wondering how much my experience is being affected by what's going on for others.I'm 60 years old and always had a low income, yet always felt 'rich'.I consider myself kind of magical because things do come to me. So I'm tapped in, enjoying the journey, and very gratful for food stamps. Again, thank you, and thank you Rebbie for providing this forum.

  26. I've been a student and teacher of spiritual principles for more than 25 years. The more I learn the more I know there is to learn. I bought the book and joined the group to assist me in applying and living all the concepts I "know." I look forward to learning more about myself so that I make the best choices possible from moment to moment to moment thereby keeping my vibrational level high and being of service to ALL.

  27. Hello! I'll start with the first quote: the basis of life is freedom. We all know that means internal freedom, which is highly desirable. I believe it comes through discipline and right thinking. The starting point in discipline: practice.

    First you align yourself, then your relationships naturally fall into place.

  28. Hi Yes I agree, Im thrilled to be able to speak openly about this book with like minded people. I intend on being open and I know that great things will come to us all if we just remain open and allow everyone to express themselves and feel however they feel. Be ok with whatever happens. That my new mantra bacause I know that only good thing come to me.
    I c u well, Maria:)

  29. Ahhh, I just found out my book will not be shipped until the 23rd…next week. So, I don't expect it until the end of the month. Given that, I thought I'd go back and read the blog from the beginning. So here I am on the first day, and here is my intention for joining this group.

    My intention is to let it all go, get out of my own way, and allow to show up all the wonderful things that are waiting in the wings for me.

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