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Part One of The Vortex by Esther and Jerry Hicks and Abraham is so concentrated that we could probably devote ourselves to that one section and never run out of juice.

I’d like to go through these mini-chapters with a fine tooth comb. So, I recommend that you read the book at your own pace, and let’s use this first segment of the book as a hub.

Feel free to refer to other parts of the book in your comments if you’ve read ahead.  Think of our study as multidimensional and multi rhythmic.

Here’s what I mean by that:

Your individual reading, focus, and application of the book may run faster and include more specifics, while our study here is slow and deep.  With time, you will see many connections between your own private exploration of this teaching and the conversations we are about to have.

So, let these two run side by side.  Something wonderful is happening here.


I’d like to take a moment here to thank Jerry and Esther and Abraham for their profound influence on my life.  And since you are interested in "The Vortex," I want to encourage you to sign up for their tape programs, read their books, and go to their live workshops.  (You probably already do all that!)

YOFA (The Yoga of Alignment)
I’d also like to take a moment to acknowledge that, since I’ll be leading this group, our focus will no doubt take on a YOFA flavor.  I know some of you are deeply involved in the YOFA process of Inner Alignment while others may never have heard of it before.  As we move through "The Vortex" I’ll be pointing out some of the beautiful dovetailing that occurs. 

Q & A

A couple of people asked if this is a good book to start with if they’re new to the Abraham Teachings .

I answered one of these questions as follows:

I think it's just fine to jump right in with this book.

If you really want to get one other book as a foundation, I'd get "Ask and it is Given." But really, Abraham is always full and complete in each now so I think you'll be just fine.

Also, have you heard their intro recordings? You can listen or download for free here:


I invite your input to help the newcomers feel their way through this rich material. How would you answer that question?

With Love,

6 thoughts on “Abraham-Hicks Study Group: The Vortex – Our Approach

  1. I agree with the answer you gave Rebbie. I think that "Ask and It Is Given" is a wonderful basis and has so many of the process that are still refered to in other Abraham books. In addition to the Abraham-Hicks web site, I would also suggest viewing the YouTube Abraham-Hicks channel to get a flavor of workshops and how questions are answered.
    However, I would not recommend "A New Beginning 1 or 2" as the first book(s) to start with.

  2. "Ask and It Is Given" is generally the first A-H book I would recommend if asked, but I would also say that the Universe brought "The Vortex" into your life in this moment for a reason, so I would follow where that path led (and I find that the teachings are "whole" and holistic wherever you first, or later, encounter them).

  3. I totally agree with starting with "Ask and It is Given" and I recommend also the Tape Program, so rich, answering so many different questions. it gives you always the answer you are looking for.

  4. the A=H quotes are a wonderful way to satrt each day. I believe that over time these have had a very positive effect on my whole outlook.

  5. I downloaded the free audios Rebbie mentioned above and listened to them over and over. I then ordered Ask and It Is Given so I could write in it. It is still a favorite.

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