Abraham Speaks about The Death of Jerry Hicks

I'm grateful to see the subtle coexistence of Abraham's absolute clarity and Esther's more familiar human experience. In this beautiful video, Abraham answers questions about Jerry and his transition into non-physical.  They also explain some of Esther's process after losing the physical form of her life partner.  Amazingly enough, if you knew Jerry, and loved his presence, and appreciated his enormous contribution to the Abraham-Hicks evolution, you are more likely to laugh at times during this light-hearted presentation of death, than to cry as Abraham explains what's going on here. I send my love and appreciation to Jerry and to Esther and to Abraham.  I hope you enjoy this.

5 thoughts on “Abraham Speaks about The Death of Jerry Hicks

  1. That entire workshop was so moving and expansive and full of Jerry's humor and wit – I loved every minute of it and so appreciate Live Streaming being available for most of the workshops. It is almost like being there in person. It is quite clear that there is no separation being physical and non-physical unless we put it there!

  2. Thanks Rebbie for being a lighthouse in the darkness of the illusions we identify with. Also special thanks for sharing the message about Jerry. It is spot on. We are one ALL Ways and as we raise our vibrations we will be more aware of this truth and not fazed by any event we currently perceive to be negative. Everything is in perfect divine order always and we can only change the outcomes by embracing what is and transcending it by changing ourselves. Bless You, a light angel for those who are ready!

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