Affirmations and Shoes

Accdcomp Dear Friends,

In the process of affirmative contemplation we choose words and phrases to dip like teabags in the water of our consciousness. 

We choose words that match the power and potency of our intention and allow them to set the dominant tone in our personal vibration. 

In this way, even if the opinions of others, the drone of the media, and the current of mass consciousness counter our intentions, we develop a beautiful and unconflicted field of light and joy around us on our chosen subject

When you try on an affirmation think about trying on a pair of shoes.

Fist of all, you notice if they are comfortable or not.  If they pinch you, or confine you, or if they are falling off and you have to work to hard to keep them on, they will not serve you for long walks on rough terrain.

You can develop the same sensitivity to words.  As you try on an affirmation, see if it caresses and supports your spirit like a great pair of shoes.

Next you’ll notice the color, the lines, and the fashion of the shoe. The shoe is saying something with its design.  So does the affirmation.  The way it is worded, the rhythm, the metaphor, the focus, the slant.  You’ve got to love your affirmation like your favorite pair of shoes.

Since we are talking about shoes today, here is a YOFA affirmation you can try on.

If it fits, I invite you to enter the affirmative contemplation process.

  • Every step I take leads to love.

If you like this affirmation, let it guide your footsteps.  Let it hum in your aura.

Until we meet again,

I wish you a happy journey,
With Love and Appreciation,


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