How to Pay (or not pay) for an "ANY 10 EVENT"

You have been invited to an "ANY 10 EVENT"

Enjoy the Workshop!

This is a friendly system where you can join in for free!

The problem with free offerings:

  • They can make even the most valuable things seem worthless because they are free.
  • They create a feeling of indebtedness in you because the energy flows only one way.

The perfect solution:
With this system, you choose how you want to pay. You do not have to use money. This way, you access greater value and leave clean and clear because there was a true exchange of energy.

How it works:
For this example, the price is "Any 10."
Here are some of the options:

  1. If you received a notice as an email, forward the email to 10 friends. (Adding a personal note of recommendation to the forward is even better. No spam please!)
  2. Post the sign up link on 10 friends' Facebook walls (Do not spam people. Only share this with those you think would truly enoy it. Always add a personal note.)
  3. If all that feels too tedious for you, simply pay $10.

It's up to you!

This is all done on the honor system.

Enjoy the workshop!


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