Are you Sliding Off the Sliding Scale?

Slide A friend recently sent me an article that spun me around a bit.

It said that sliding scale fees scare people away.


I wanted to make the jhe sessions as accessible as possible. 

But now, I must wonder . . .

Is my creative fee structure scaring you away?

Would you prefer a set fee?

Please pour your heart out on this subject right here on the blog.

(Or you can send me an email if you can’t get the blog to work.)

Mostly I want to hear from you.

I’ve already gotten great feedback and lots of expressions of appreciation for the varied fees.

But is there a “silent majority” out there wishing I’d just set a fee?

If I don’t here from you, I’ll figure you like it just the way it is.

Is the sliding scale stopping you from signing up for the YOFA jhe Sessions?

Talk to me!

Love and Blessings,


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39 thoughts on “Are you Sliding Off the Sliding Scale?

  1. I think your sliding scale is great and unique for the "online helping" industry. Please keep it the way it is.

    Afterall, Law of Atttraction is bringing us to you and you to us…and we each "vibrate" at a different pay level based on where we are in our individual journeys. You will be able to attract more people to your work by continuing the sliding scale.

    Thanks for everything…keep up the good work!

  2. I think the sliding scale fee is a great idea. I have a very low income and I am in college. I enjoy the Yofa sessions and I feel the work. Thank-you Rebbie!

  3. I find your sliding fees perfect and please leave it this way. This does allow everyone to adjust it to our current possible budgets and it is a great idea. But the most important is, you should follow your heart and how it feels best for you. Don't let yourself into something that is not yours by comments from one person. You are not on earth to live someone elses imaginations, but to live your own and being authentic. Thats what those who you attract are attracted to.

    Thank you for your great service!

  4. Without the sliding scale I would probably have to proceed on my journey alone. Thanks so much for making it possible for me to join with other seekers.

  5. I think the sliding scale is excellent, otherwise I would not have been able to join.
    Keep it please.

  6. The sliding scale did not bother me at all, once I adjusted to your very original concept. I definitely experienced some JHE during that time, too, but for various reasons thought I'd take a month or two off. I will certainly be back and am one of your sincere admirers. Having previously extolled the virtues of your book, I will not repeat myself but will simply wish you the best of everything. Right NOW.

  7. I appreciate things just the way they are. I was unemployed for 3 months. I just got a temp job this week and have to play catch up financially. When I get a permanent job I will be happy to give more. Please know that I am so very grateful for the sliding scale that you now offer. It will serve many who find you on this incredible journey. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  8. Rebbie,

    I like the sliding scale for your fees. I believe it provides options for different financial levels. Thank you for offering the different levels…

  9. I love this idea – such an expression of humanity, of compassion, of open-ness, of trusting, of believing in yourself and others… its something that i have been thinking of doing in my own work and was really interested by your question of 'do people feel uncomfortable with this' and the response. You are the third person who has touched my life with the concept and it seems to me a beautiful way to receive payment/energy for what we give. Thanks for all your inspiration Rebbie. in love and light … and joyful harmony! x

  10. I have offered sliding fee scales for a long time and, as you are, I've reexamined it from time to time. What comes up for me is that most people who truly ARE at a place to pay "full" price, do and are happy to. Those who may see themselves as struggling, such as financially, are often those in most need of such resources as you offer. Healing and growth start best where you are, not by waiting until you are at least part way to where you want (or think you "should" be). As people heal or grow and evolve in their lives, they too can trust their hearts to "move up" the scale. As such I have begun to reframe a bit and am playing with language, as it is powerful. "Tiered scale" has gotten some good response so far, as has suggested rates for certain "places" in life, like we see all the time with lower fares for children, retirees, students, "members", etc. I have also toyed with the idea of scholarships, but find those most deserving are least likely to ask, so have not used that much. At the end of the day, please consider then follow your own inner knowing, your own heart. But I personally want to thank you for having options. It made your offerings accessible to me at a time when anything else would have sent me away, but a time when I needed this most.

  11. One of the interesting things about offering a sliding scale of any kind is that it opens up the exchange to more than a purely monetary one….when money's tight, stress often follows in its wake and not being able to access any kind of outside assistance through lack of money can compound a sense of isolation….not a good mix.

    putting in a mechanism so that money isn't a barrier opens up to trust (in people's honesty) and in the universal exchange of energy: it allows for gratitude, appreciation and well wishes to support whatever you need for yourself coming to you through the ether.

    I was treated by an amazing cranio-sacral therapist at a point where I'd collapsed and was completely spun out. Although she normally charged £40 per hour, she charged me £2.50. I would have willingly paid her £40 if I had had the money and I had to trust her wisdom and accept her generosity and trust that whatever she most needed in the way of assistance and support would come to her in return…and the lesson I learnt from that was to trust…and to see that what we most need is more important than money….it's more to do with really genuine human encounters and a desire to support each other's happiness and well being and a trust in the wider life processes to support that in ways we might not imagine.

    so wishing you a everything you most need for yourself right now, I say stick with the way you'r erunning things.

  12. Please keep the sliding scale as it allows those who most need what you have to offer to benefit from it. It allows everyone to participate at the level they can afford. Whoever made the comment that sliding scales scare people off was only talking for him/herself and should look at the underlying issues within themselves.

  13. Hi Rebbie
    I love the sliding scale idea, as it gives choices for a wide variety of people with different incomes.
    Also this is different, creative and very original work you are doing to help people, which calls for a different type of fee structure from what everyone else is doing.
    This way more people are able to join and benefit from this work, and this in turn makes the world a better place to live in. ThankU.

  14. The sliding scale got me to try it and I'm just deciding what higher level to sign-up for next.
    Love your meditation website, by the way. I've been using those everyday.

  15. Hi Rebbie,
    I think the sliding scale is most appropriate. It allows all people access to your wonderful work at a level they can afford. I think the service you render is beyone price – it is grace – how can one put a fixed price on grace???
    The people who want the "structure" of fixed pricing need to examine their own awareness of why they need "hard and fast rules" which by their very definition stop the flow of the Tao.
    This work is about energy/light flowing freely as we choose (with your amazing help) to access it. Again I thank you for your continued efforts to help us all attain a higher more conscious level of awareness and well being.

  16. I think the sliding scale is wonderful. So many of the programs that are offered are quite expensive. They may be acessible to those who have already achieved a measure of success. However, for those of us who haven't yet manifested abundance, it can be nearly out of reach to buy the programs that would be beneficial. We currently live from pay check to pay check but I recently took a leap of faith across the solar system to join a class. My husband looked like he was in pain when I told him how much it was going to cost. I'm not saying the the program isn't worth every cent. I intend to grow spiritually and create financial abundance with the program's guidance.
    I think your sliding fee shows emmense compassion. When I complete the program and I am creating abundance for myself, I will remember you example and also serve those people that may not be able contribute to my personal financial abundance. Having said all that, I would like to take your program because I do have some chronic health problems. But because of my earlier investment, I'll have to go way down the fee scale. Thank you for this opportunity and you selflessness.

  17. Rebbie,

    I've received immense personal value from the free JHE sessions you provided a couple months ago, and am contemplating which jhe level to sign up for, now that I'm done with school & feel that I have time to focus on myself. I love that you offer a sliding scale because we're each working on different issues (one of mine is manifesting abundance), so making the sesssions affordable attracts people from all walks of life. The jhe sessions work on many levels, and once people realize the value I think they reciprocate and are able to subscribe at higher levels as their 'havingness and wholeness' increase.
    Namaste, Jen

  18. I also love the sliding scale – it is fair and flexible. Please don't change it!
    with love and appreciation

  19. Hello Rebbie,
    I concur with the sentiments already expressed by many. I think that the sliding scale is great and also offer it in my own practice. The reason that I have not signed up is due to my own lack of trust in card details given out over the internet. Being an old fashioned kind of gal with regard to the new technologies,- am working on this. Please do keep up your wonderful work.
    with love and appreciation

  20. Thank you again for asking this question Rebbie! – these comments have really touched me and given me happiness, hope and gratitude that there are some very beautiful people out there – hurray and thank you to all you guys for being so conscious and loving and supportive! What a great community you have around you Rebbie. x

  21. Hi Rebbie,

    I for one am glad that you do have a sliding scale. If not for it, I would not be able to show you my gratitude.

    I know this is how you make your living working with energy. And because of the sliding scale I am able to help you in a small way to continue your work.

    Be good to yourself,
    John Redmon

  22. Hi

    I found it very refreshing to see a sliding scale for this type of work it actually encouraged me to apply as I felt your compassion and passion for this work. I shall try to do the same with some of my work in the future. Thank you for your wonderful work and for setting an example to all of us that this is about giving not just recieving.

  23. Rebbie,

    I could not participate in the jhe sessions without the sliding scale. I listened to my heart and picked the right rate for me just as you suggested. I have only participated in 2 sessions and already feel lighter! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity.


  24. Hi Rebbie,

    I am most grateful for your sliding scale because I am a student and cannot afford an added expense at this time. I, and I am sure others, appreciate the work you do on our behalf and when the time comes, I will be in a better position to contribute more.

    In the meantime, my blessings to you for allowing us the use of your work.

  25. Hi Rebbie,

    I have to agree with all the previous comments. I love the sliding scale and I do not believe I have seen this strategy with anyone else….ever! It is fantastic for many reasons: for those who are strapped for cash, it's a gift beyond any other and for those who can afford to invest in themselves with a little more it is a precious gift to the self. I really think the sliding scale will benefit everyone and encourage many to continue and go to the next level of the scale. The free offer is like a trial offer and I strongly believe that once it is tried out once, one will definitely return for more. The pricing levels are perfect! It is a wonderful and inspiring gift you are sharing with world.

  26. Hello Robbie,Hi this it you are a beautiful soul and the day I am financialy free I will press the max button for fee's at the moment I and so many other women are finacally controlled by our husbands. I speak for myself but after your sessions I knew another way out of deppression I found the light AND FOR THE FIRST TIME I'm able to get out of bed and I'm putting a plan toghether with my sister to bring gluteen free baking to everyone,Thank you soo much

  27. I have not signed up yet for the jhe sessions, but am eager to. The sliding scale is awesome, & much appreciated.

  28. Hi Rebbie,
    I really appreciate your sliding scales fees. They did not scare me off–in fact, it had the opposite effect and I felt more comfortable signing up and knowing that as my prosperity and jhe increases, so will the dollar amount I am paying per month.

    Thanks for all you do.

  29. The sliding scale was good for me. At the top level I wouldn't have joined. It did give me pause to think what I would be missing out on the lower level. But then I trusted that you wouldn't have offered the lower levels if there wasn't noticeable benefit from them too. Thank you, I have some interesting results that I will elaborate on in the future. Sincerely ~Gerry~

  30. Sliding scale is great Rebbie .. it allows us all to participate at level we can manage.
    I have been very happy at the jhe effects and just now taking time out to see if flow and feeling continues when I'm "on my own"

  31. I really resonated with the comment made by Jacqui on May 26th. I am so appreciative of the free services that you are offering and I really do make use of them. Having been separated recently and starting my life over I am still in a space where I don't feel able to pay for these services and I know that when I have a job and am able to pay for the services will be more than happy to do so. If this service was not offered for free I probably wouldn't have investigated it as much, I would have just felt like, well, I can't afford it any way, but the fact that it is offered for free, I was able to feel, oh, I can do this, and was very pleasantly surprised to find all that I have been able to find on your website.

    Thank you so much.

  32. You have excellent instincts, Rebbie. Your whole approach to life is unique and brings so much value to everyone. You already know what to do with that second voice that starts you second guessing yourself, …ignore it! Your sliding scale is as unique as you are, and it works as well as your whole system for accessing source energy. Your work is touching so many people around the world. Keep trusting yourself.
    Light and Love

  33. Hi
    the sliding scale is a good idea and it gives something for everyone. Living in the Uk it would help sometimes to give the £ as well as the $ but can look up if needed. I have considered joining and would love to but at the present moment finding time to enjoy the sessions is difficult.
    Keep up the good works

  34. I had no idea you even had a sliding scale. I have been out of town, traveling and really busy and that has kept me from exploring your groups and workshops. Actually, had I known, I might have done one of them. Now that I know there is a sliding scale, that is encouraging for the future.

  35. Dear Rebbie,

    Personally, anyone who has offered to enlighten or help mankind in any way usually ends up only helping those that have $500 or more to throw around. I instantly felt that you were speaking straight from the heart to all of us. Those with and those without. Your payment system instantly gave me gratitude for your work. Thank you I am so very grateful for your refreshinig views. I have always felt that if only people would trust more in what they give they would receive more.
    Please keep lifting the veil for us all.

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